Looking Back On 2015 – In Pictures

Last day of 2015. Well, I’ve been sick since Christmas, so I am guessing that everything is going to be an improvement, at the moment.

Looking back on 2015, it has been a strangely quiet kind of year, that just went by in the blink of an eye. I don’t feel like anything major happened this year, and then again, loads of things did happen.

So, without getting too sentimental, I’ll try and find some of the best pictures I have, from the year that went by. I am, after all, a photographer, so if I can’t do that, on the last day of the year, sick or not, I guess I should go looking for another job next year. Stick to writing, maybe…

100_1681Lousy cell phone shot, of the one day it snowed in 2015, in Denmark. The first time Ablaze met snow, and he didn’t like it. This picture is special to me, despite it’s quality. It is very honest, very spur of the moment.

20150327_134721Another cell phone shot, but from a better phone. Ablaze and me, from when I could get him to go to sleep, by sitting down and refusing to play with him. He would never sleep when I was around, when he was younger, for fear of missing out on all the fun. But if I stopped doing anything, he would show up and lie down next to me.

20150327_135255Again, I love the honesty in these pictures.

unnamed (1)Yes, we played a lot of table top games this year, X- Wing in particular. And Applejack was with me to every tournament. (She wasn’t allowed to fly the Millennium Falcon though, sadly.)

IMG_6066Our dearly beloved  blue ball died, here pictured in it’s last moments. RIP. We still miss you.

IMG_8472Redirecting Tardis’ training, to be without the bridle. I love this shot, how focused they are, all three of them.

IMG_8786My foal and me. Run, puny human, run!

IMG_8120A friend of mine, and I, went to some dirty night club in the capitol, for show with a singer she somehow knew and had got personal invites for. I won’t say much for the show, but we had a great time. Miss you girl, we should do stupid stuff like this more often.

unnamed (96)Shy, ruining our X-Wing training… (I know, I’ll get a better phone, promise.)

IMG_3450Saleem and I on one of the few times I have ridden him this year. We removed his shoes, and going barefoot has taken some adjustment.

IMG_0614Apocalipse and me. I love this shot of him.

IMG_0542And this one. He is so focused on me. My little foal, all grown up. (Almost.)

IMG_0329I have had a lot of fun with my My Little Ponies this year, as always. Just because, well, they are awesome. 20% cooler, in fact.

IMG_6561Ablaze, testing Aston. You can say a lot for that horse, but he sure is beautiful.

IMG_6374Ablaze and Marble’s pink brush. He  can never figure out how to let something go, once it is in his mouth, it just keeps following him, until he kicks it away. Here, he is busy trying to hit that brush with his legs, by going up, but the brush kept being out of reach, for strange reasons…

unnamed (4)Another cell phone shot, of mother and son, where mom gets to sleep for a change.

unnamedOur Dark Mare network shot. We had a lot of fun, making that one, and the team has really got close this year.

IMG_2420Aston, after a long day on set. I love this shot. He looks so tired, and the setting is amazing. Again, it is a very honest picture.

IMG_2376 - CroppedAston and Jonathan in the wild.

IMG_1654Life and her very own Skywishes. Yeah, my cat collects My Little Ponies too. And she knows the Hasbro ones, from the fakes, so no fooling her.

IMG_8536Flying pigs, from my friend’s bachelor party. Two of my friends got married this year, and I have a gazillion awesome pictures from the weddings, but I better keep them private for them.

IMG_3838The luckiest shot of the year, curtsy of Kenlen Held and the old Canon Eos Rebel. Kenlen was handing Jonathan the camera, and he just pushed the button as he did so. Well played.

Grit Cyberarm - After Effects - IIWe have been working with a lot of animations this year, the cyber arm for our upcoming web series, Heartbreak East, was perhaps the biggest project.

P23-10-15_13.17[1]Ablaze, eating hay…

IMG_4112The paint bottle explosion. Well, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I lost here, to a tiny bottle of paint. You should see the floor behind me…

IMG_4932I love the composition in this shot.

IMG_5123And I love how synchronized Saleem and Ablaze are here. My boys.

IMG_4340I got pink strings on my electric guitar. Because why not? I actually wonder where they have been all of my life…

IMG_6153Christmas Market at Lundegaard. I love the atmosphere in this shot.

IMG_5676The forest (and the old shelter,) in the fall.

IMG_5579Loads of great pictures from that day.

IMG_5812Yeah, I am not normally dressed like that.  We were doing test shots for Heartbreak East, and I have been acting more than I signed up for this year…

IMG_5486The Starstone Series are finally complete, as I published the last book in the series in the fall this year. That is pretty huge, for me.

Janis 2Still frame from our shortfilm, inspired by my friend, who died, ten years ago.

IMG_6617Ablaze in a Christmas hat.

IMG_7047Life in a Christmas hat… I am sorry, it had to be done.

8e435ea1-595c-4640-aa1f-7a3ff84aed46Lousy (broken) cell phone shot, of Aston and Tardis, reinforcing the house.

d02c6ec8-09ee-47d8-9e4f-e3c304382d25 editSaleem and I, on the road, without the halter or anything else on his face. That is pretty huge for me.

20151227_120955 1And here we are. Rain. Loads and loads of rain. Which is probably why I got sick last week.

Aside from taking care of my horses, writing my books, My Little Pony Playing, (I believe it is called “fanatically collecting,”) and working for Dark Mare, as everything from script writer to editor, photographer and actor, I have to add one last thing that kind of changed my life this year. I finally started watching Supernatural.

Yeah. You read that right. Believe it or not, that show has had a huge impact on my life, even if I only managed to watch it twice. All ten and a half seasons… Obsessive? Me?

c2144543-f93c-49e9-b166-4e29b91ff87c e

Maybe. I am pretty thrilled to have my #AlwaysKeepFighting hoodie though. I guess that is one of the things I will take with me into the new year. I have been having a hard time with being me, this year, (again,) and I do find if supportive to have a hoddie like this one. However cheesy it may sound, wearing your depression on the outside, somehow makes it easier to deal with. Not that anyone in Denmark knows what Always Keep Fighting means, or, probably, what SPN means, but I do, and that is all that matters in this case.

So, thanks for that, Jared.

I believe that was 2015. Now I just have to get the horses safely through New Years eve, and I guess I am ready to carry on into 2016.

Thanks to all of you, who have stayed with me, through good times and bad, over the years. To those of you who keep coming back to this blog, and sharing in my life, and the life of my horses. I wish you all the best.

Happy New Year, Everypony!



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  1. jen says:

    Happy New Year!

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