Frost Fur

It’s been freezing lately. Usually when frost shows up, I make my water hose run, just a little, to avoid my water freezing, but this year, it snuck up on me. One morning, the entire pasture, and my water, was just frozen solid.


Selfie, standing on my water… Yeah, next issue then, is to get the ice out of the barrel, so I could fill it up again, with water I “borrow” from the main house. That isn’t too easy, to be honest, especially when jumping on it doesn’t do the trick.


I don’t miss the mud though…

Anyway, after having fought the ice for a while, I had to come up with a way for it to not just freeze again. I usually never allow for the water and the hay to be at the same place, because I don’t want anypony hugging the water, and maybe keeping somepony away from drinking. But, I had to surrender for now, to keep the water from freezing instantly.

Apocalipse loves it. His mother taught him to always dip his hay into water if he had the option and it sticks with him. I see her so much in him, in situations like these.


Truth is, once the ground freezes this hard, they have a hard time walking all of a sudden. And if they can help it, they prefer that I place water right under their noses at all times.


Poor thirsty baby horses. What you can’t see is the water barrel on the inside of the wall, inside the house, which all three of them could have just been drinking from, but come on… If one has the option of drinking from a small bucket, why not take it?

Usually we don’t fight over buckets.


This is how we eat our food everyday and nopony is tying to steal from anypony. But clearly, water buckets are different.

Oh, yeah, we got a bit of snow today.


Not much, but enough to look pretty in pictures, and fortunately, enough to make it easier for the kids to move around, their hooves not so sore once the snow covers the hard ground.


Ablaze kind of opens his eye now, (its the left, his left,) but it is still sensitive to light. The vet was by yesterday, and we don’t really know what’s up with him, but at least there doesn’t seem to be any damage, so for now, we are treating it as an eye infection, and look for any development. I love horses, I love horses, I love horses… It’s always so easy and carefree to be a horse owner.


Knowing Denmark, winter won’t last long though, so we hang in there. If I didn’t have water issues, I’d truly welcome the cold and the snow. I love how clean they get, how their fur fluffs up… Honestly, there is nothing better than frost fur. It is such a pure feeling, touching them, when the winter sets in and their fur responds.

Feels like… Nature. Honest. And yeah, pure.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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