Evil Plans

It always bothered me how my horses seemed to be unable to handle even the slightest bit of rain. How Apocalipse and Marble would run for shelter, at the sight of a cloud in the sky, and how Saleem and Apocalipse could stay indoors for days on end, driving each other crazy, from being together so long. (They can go in and out as they please.)

And when I realized that my friend’s horses were much tougher than mine, I started wondering why. Which led me to not grooming them as religiously as I have been doing.

So far, my evil plan is working. Not grooming them every day this year, seems to have restored the fur to a natural balance, it was missing. I can’t help but smile to find all of my horses wet, muddy, and not cold or miserable or hiding indoors, on a day like this.


I know, they look horrible, as do my pasture at the moment. The ground is half frozen, but it isn’t cold enough for it to be snow, so it rains, even though it isn’t warm enough for my water hose to unfreeze. In other words, the worst possible weather; an ice cold, relentless rain, and my horses are not shaking, not hiding, not indoors. In fact, they have been happy enough to go rolling in the mud. That is just fantastic, to me.

Even when I showed up this evening, after a long day of pouring down ice rain, they were still wet and still outdoors.


Still not unhappy, still not shaking with cold, like they used to.

I am not sure why this is such a revelation to me, but it really is. All my life, I have been told to groom my horses every day, without exception. I still feel like I am violating everything I am, when I don’t, but look at this…


Wet, happy horses, outdoors in the dark winter night, despite the rain.

Okay, Apocalipse still goes into the house, when I show up.


But he is wet, which means that he has been outside, not just hanging in the house. And look at how damp he is. He is not cold at all. So even if he lingers in the house when I am around, out of habit, I have to say, for him to be wet on a day like this, is something I never thought would happen. He used to be so chili and he used to hate rain.

So yes, my horses are adjusting to my evil plans of letting them be as natural as possible. Now, I am just missing the rest of me. But I am sure I will come around. I have all the proof I need, right in front of me. I am sure that I will, at some point, stop feeling like a horrible person, when I don’t groom them.


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2 Responses to Evil Plans

  1. I have been told the same all My life, but have never listen, mine have only been groomed when I ride them and in vinter only where I sit.

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