Band Pictures

The girls and I had fun yesterday, taking what is, I believe, our first band pictures ever. For a band that has been together for 15 years, it is quite impressive that we don’t have a single picture of us together. Or, that we didn’t, until now.

Now, we have some stupid selfies, and well… I bet that in another 15 years, we will be laughing even more about them, than we are now.

Whatever, being totally serious;

20160118_002028 1

Okay, I lied. Not serious at all.


The thing about Whatever is, to me, that it is so much more than music. Those two girls are my oldest and dearest friends by now. We have seen each other through half of our lives, (okay, they have seen me through half of my life, they grew up together…) through ups and downs, life and death, boyfriends, breakups, marriage, children…

And we are still able to meet up once in a while and be teenagers together.

Our band nights are about music, sure, but they are a break from everyday life as well. A break from school, work, being a horse owner, a writer, a wife, a mother, you name it. Band nights are about us, our lives, and whatever we want to talk about, or, sing about.

Going over a lot of our oldest songs, the ones we wrote when we were mere babies, and heavily inspired by the fantasy universe that drew us even closer than we already were, always brings me back to a time when we were three teenagers, sitting on the floor of a tiny apartment, with a pet rat, dreaming about the future.

I don’t think that any of us would have predicted how our future turned out, but that said, I don’t think we have many regrets either, about our lives. And it is still fun, digging up the geekish songs we wrote in Sindarin, just because… If there is a language that is beautiful to sing in three part harmony, it is the elven one from the Lord of the Rings…

Fun fact; these girls dragged me to the cinema, when the first Harry Potter movie aired. I had not read the books, I had no idea what I was watching. I had no concept of “fantasy literature.” I looked it up, after that….

I owe them, potentially, everything. Without them, The Starstone Series may never have been a reality. I always knew that I was a writer, but it was hands down, because they introduced me to the world of fantasy, that my own story came to life. Thanks for that, girls. By the way.

Not to quote My Little Pony, but friendship is magic. It may have taken me a while to realize what that means, but I think I get it now.

Friendship is when you meet someone who will stay with you no matter what goes on in your life, and whom you can go for months, sometimes years, without seeing, and when you meet again, nothing has changed at all.

As a fantasy writer, I should know about magic by now. Thanks to these girls, I think that I do.



(Yeah, that is kind of our slogan. Whatever is the band name and the “forever” part was originally a song, but sometime over the years we lost the paper it was written on and none of us remember it.) 

20160118_002120 4

Best band picture ever, if I may say so myself. You can tell we are hardcore rockers… Right?


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