Single Frame Stories

I’m unsupervised at the moment. That’s always dangerous.

The Dark Mare team is out of town.

I did figure that since I’d have a week alone now, I’d get a lot of writing done, and maybe take advantage of having the Dark Mare computer to myself, and get some work done…

It turns out that what I actually do when I am alone, is play my guitar, write songs, hunt down the new episodes of Supernatural, X Files and Pretty Little Liars online and… mess with pictures.

Yeah, so far, I’ve been alone for three days and I haven’t opened my book once to write on it, and the Dark Mare computer has been off… Silent… Yeah… (It has so many fans, it is driving me insane, just being in the room with it…)

I have been playing with the old Canon Eos Rebel camera, though. It is in bad shape, having taken about 200.000 pictures in five years, not to mention having been dropped on its face more than once, and even knocked from my hands by a pony. It happens. But yeah, I am not touching the Dark Mare equipment without supervision. I am not grown up enough for that.

Anyway, I am just learning how to use Photo Shop for color grading and after having done about a thousand horse pictures, wedding pictures, Christmas event pictures, and you name it pictures, I felt like doing something different. Something where I could totally mess with the background…

I needed a monkey to pose for the camera. Luckily, I am such a monkey. And the Rebel camera has a timer. Most of the time, it even remembers to focus when you ask it to… So I thought I’d bother you guys with some of my best edits, just because… I’ve had a lot of fun manipulating them, and some of them turned out pretty good. Like this one.


I know, I could have asked someone to pose for me, so I could have just taken the pictures. But I didn’t. Mostly because I didn’t want to bother people. I mean, what if I messed up the Photo Shop and some model would have spent a whole day posing for nothing? Horses, I can shoot, no problem. My confidence is rock solid when it comes to horses.

Humans though… I have better get used to that, but I am better at working through insecurities on my own, than asking for help.


Yeah, we had a lot of snow two days ago. I had to use that.


These pictures are edited mostly to support the Always Keep Fighting hoodie I am wearing, with the focus on fighting your demons. I know, ambitious, right?  Well, why not…

And then the snow went away, to be replaced by rain and mud… And grass, and different colors to play with in editing, so I went out again…


The things you do, so you won’t have to work, when your boss is out of town…


Well, technically, this is work. Sort of. I know that I’ve learned a lot from doing this one my own.


Tired of the lens flare yet? Sorry, it’s just so… sparkly… And one can never have too many lens flares, ask Hollywood…

I did some toned down pictures too, instead of the heavy color manipulation.

IMG_8080 wa

Or, only the back ground in black and white…


Now when we are all tired of looking at my ugly face and my fat ass, I promise, I’ll find a prettier monkey next time I want to try this. Maybe. One day I’ll learn to be a team player… And ask for help… Trouble is, I am pretty good at entertaining myself.


Yeah, that is (almost) natural colors, by the way.

I was never all that visual, until I started working for Dark Mare. I have always been a writer. Words were my paintbrush. Words were how I created worlds and shapes and colors. (Which is why I joined mainly as a script writer…) The only use I had for pictures, was to describe reality. My horses, my foals growing up, stuff like that.

This is a whole new experience for me. Learning to create a world without words. To tell a story in a singe frame. I guess it is all about training your eye. And about understanding the media you are using. I have some way to go still, but so far, I got away with it much better than I had dared hope for.

That’s a win, isn’t it?

And now, I am totally going to get some work done… Stop laughing. I will. Truly.

Tomorrow. It’s getting kind of late…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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