Two Foals

Once upon a time, we were four friends, driving across the country in the middle of a blizzard, no questions asked, to pick up this little foal for one of us.

Remember Gaia?

gaia 038

Yeah, she looked horrible. And she had a skin infection, which made her look even worse.

gaia 031

This little thing had my friend’s name on it, though. Quite literally. In the sales add, they called her Amalie, which is my friends name as well. Having the same name as your horse was a little awkward, so her name was changed to Gaia, but when we drove to meet her that first day, it felt like fate. Amalie had just lost her old horse, Lise, who was her long time companion and best friend as well, so getting her “back on the horse” was going to be hard. Lise was a tough act to follow.

Gaia, and the perfect “keeping her company pony” Indie, did the best job ever, though.

gaia 081

I recently came by their place, and I have to say, I am ever astounded by how drop dead gorgeous that horse turned out to be. I mean, look at that shabby little fur ball, and then, look at this;


The color… The build…


The expression.


I mean, I don’t think that we ever doubted that there was a potential horse underneath that sad looking foal, but this is not just a horse. This is nothing less than divine. Even while moping about wearing a hat.

Oh, yeah, and they added Mads to the herd, once Amalie’s husband wanted a horse of his own.


He is stunning too, in his very own way. There aren’t many horses like him anymore, sadly.


And Indie, the pony? He is still awesome.


I love hanging with Amalie and her horses. They are so wild and free, just like my own. And I love seeing how she has managed to turn this little pony into one of the most attentive and playful ponies I have ever met.


If that isn’t true horsemanship, then I don’t know what is.


Looking at Gaia and how fantastic she turned out, always reminds me of another foal.


My own Marble. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, bringing that home. She didn’t have my name on her, I swear.


Somehow, I guess she did though, even if it wasn’t as literal as it was with Amalie and Gaia. Some horses you just know, belong to you.


Marble is turning 5 this year. Gaia is turning 4.


They have come such a long way, both of them. And even if Marble isn’t as stunningly beautiful as Gaia, I can’t help but compare the two. I bought Marble when my Amalia, Apocalipse’s mother, was euthanized.


Marble was brought into my heard to fill the enormous empty space that Amalia left behind, just like Gaia was brought home to make my friend smile again, after Lise died.


Both foals were in bad shape, Marble it turned out, more than Gaia, since she suffered (to some extend still do,) from severe leg issues, but both foals grew up to do just what they were supposed to do. They grew up to be happy, and in turn, making us happy, while watching them grow up.

Not that they are ever replacing our old girls, but somehow the pain of having lost them seem a little less sharp, when I look at Gaia and Marble and how wonderful they turned out. How they get to be loved, and taken care of for the rest of their lives, because our old girls left us. None of us would have been looking to buy any new horses if we had not just lost someone that meant the world to us. Now, I could not imagine my life without Marble, and I am pretty sure Amalie feels the same way about Gaia.


It is funny how that goes sometimes.


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2 Responses to Two Foals

  1. Come on, Marble is just as beautiful as Gaia, with that georgeus dark colour ☺ they are just different, but their story is very alike.. they were both those types of horses who’s life could have taken a very sad road.. So, yeah it was terrible that we lost our old girls, but very lucky for Marble and Gaia and us ☺ they both have enough personality to fill the void 😉 and thank you for the kind words sweety, I also love visiting your pasture, free and happy horses are the funniest to visit ☺ and omg I haven’t look at Gaias baby pictures for years, my sweet little scarecrow..

    • Starstone says:

      haha scarecrow… yeah, you can’t call her that anymore 😉 now she is a goddess… And I’ll always have a thing for red mares like Gaia 😉 Not that Marble isn’t pretty by now, but its hard to beat how on fire Gaia is 😉

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