Technology. Smart phones. I mean, really…

Us 80ties kids still have some things to learn. Like last night, while the girls and I were playing, and we decided to add a new song to our set list. Back in the day, we would always copy each others songs by hand, into our little song books. We still use those same hand written books when we play.

I mean, we keep talking about transferring our songs to a digital media, because it would be pretty clever. That would help us avoid flicking through page after page in our books, when we want to find a particular song, amongst other things. Still, while adding this new song, two of us instantly copied it down to our little hand written song books, while only one of us was clever enough to use her computer.


And then, we thought we would be even smarter. We have this song that we have been working on for a while now. (Read years, probably.) We decided to use one of our very clever phones to record it, so we could listen to it, you know, and work on second voices for it and such, without actually being together.

Brilliant idea, if I may say so myself. I was totally proud of how well we were adjusting to using technology, for about five seconds.

Once we had recorded it, we moved on to the next thing. Sharing it. You know, from one phone to another, avoiding the internet because it is for our ears only. After a little struggle, we all figured out how to connect our Bluetooth and had the song transferred.

How awesome was that, really? Totally rocking these smart phones…

And then, we realized that we had managed to record the song, transfer it, and none of us had any idea where on the phones it had been stored. I swear, it took us ten whole minutes, roaming through every possible setting on our phones, to find that bloody song…

All the while it was stored in the most obvious place on the phones. Under “music.” Imagine that.

Okay, stop laughing. It was late, it had been a long day. And really, we did not grow up with these kinds of things. We grew up committing second voices and melody to memory, since none of us writes notes, and writing down chords and words by hand.

It has lost us a few songs over the years. And it has forced us to rediscover some arrangements as well, when we have simply forgotten how we used to play a song. But all in all, we have been doing pretty well. #GirlPower and all…

I will say though, that us 80ties kids are never bored. Even if we sometimes find it challenging to keep up, we always know how to entertain ourselves, even without smart phones. That is one ability I hope we will never lose, no matter how much we embrace technology.

And, when you are feeling like that stupid phone is smarter than you, it is pretty nice to have friends by your side, going through it with you…


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