Just A Few Pic’s

I believe it is time for some random horse pictures and a little video from this morning.

I know, it’s terribly unprofessional and I completely borrowed the Cutiemark Crusaders song from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, season one. But it’s kind of a cute cell phone video. And the sound on it was so horrible, due to the road work and the wind, so I had to do something…

I showed up early this morning, because we had a meeting around the time when I would usually be at the stable. So, naturally, the gang wasn’t all that interested in actually eating. Saleem and Ablaze stayed with the hay, but Marble spotted the road workers at the far end of the pasture, and dragged Apocalipse and Tardis with her, to check them out. It was totally scary at first, but then they forgot and just started bullying each other. Apocalipse is working on his herding skills and Tardis is refusing to be herded. And me, I am trying not to interfere and hoping that she won’t actually hit him…

Here is another picture where I showed up at the wrong time.


The girls and Ablaze agreed to eat, but Saleem and Apocalipse…


They were sleeping, okay? In their defense, it was one of the nicer days, where the sun was actually shining…


Then we have this super awesome picture that my friend Amalie took, of Saleem and Ablaze. I am mostly just posting it, because it I love it. Sorry. Let me just throw in this one of me, treating Ablaze’s eye, and for some reason ending with the antibiotics in my mouth. It’s an equestrian thing. I swear, it is second nature to me by now. If I don’t have enough hands, it goes in my mouth, no matter what it is…


And last, Ablaze, Marble and Saleem hiding in the house last night, when the storm was really bad.


I love how well they treat each other, how they are able to stand like this, three of them, and no one kicking or trying to kill each other. Every time I see them like this, my heart swells with joy and pride. Happy little horses, with no need to fight each other. I guess that is what I always wanted for my horses. That they feel loved and safe around each other.


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