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I won’t make this a habit, I promise, but I have to mention the new episode of Supernatural, mostly because I keep seeing Spin Off ideas floating around about a Wayward Daughters series. They even made a poster. Feel free to support them on Twitter, by the way; https://twitter.com/WaywardAcademy


I have to admit, first I thought, no. I mean, really? A spin off with Claire, Alex and Jody? Preferably with Donna as well, but without the Winchesters? Why would I watch that?

And then I thought… well… Why wouldn’t I?

I guess it’s like when I first started watching Torchwood. I kept hoping for the Doctor to show up and help Jack out when things got bad, and when he didn’t, I was kind of disappointed. I mean, come on. Where is the Doctor? But then, by the time we reached season three, and Gwen mentioned that the Doctor wasn’t coming, I found myself thinking, “Who needs him? We’ve got Jack. He’ll find away.”

The truth is, I could get used to the idea of a show based on Claire and Alex, even if Sam and Dean never shows up to help them out again. Why?

Well… It already feels like a show we’ve watched before, doesn’t it? Where to begin…

Oh yeah, there is the demon… I mean vampire girl, who wants nothing more than to go to school and escape the monsters and the hunter life. Sounds familiar?

Then there is the driven, desperate to make a difference and prove herself, girl, who is more than ready to pick up a sword and go hunting people. Also, she is scarred by an absent father… I don’t know, who could she possibly remind us of?

And then of course, we have Jody. I guess she would have to be playing the role of the parents, and I have to say, so far, she is doing a better job than John did, raising those two kids. But the bad luck for her would be that she is probably going to burn on the ceiling or having to sell her soul for one of the girls, at some point…

With a little luck, we can even have Donna as the quirky, but lovable uncle… I mean, aunt.

Yeah, I could see this show happening and I would totally watch it. Who wouldn’t want to watch Supernatural all over again, but with Sam and Dean as teenage girls?




Yeah, works for me… Actually, it could be kind of awesome. And if you look closely at the poster, Misha is listed as a guest star. I wouldn’t hate that either. At least not once he, hopefully, stops being Lustiel… I smell angel shaped daddy issues…

So yeah, go get ’em girls.



Thanks Crowley. By the way, what happened to him?


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