Lens Flares And Aliens

I guess it’s time for some random pictures again. I know, I should not have a phone with a decent camera. I will abuse it. But lens flares… Lens flares everywhere… Tardis;


My top model, as usual;


Ablaze and Apocalipse;


My wayward brothers…


And yeah, I have been having fun with taking pictures at night as well. So here we go… Ablaze and Tardis on a dark and stormy night;


Apocalipse, Marble and Saleem, sharing the little house, because its the cool house…

WP_20160202_035 WP_20160202_039 WP_20160202_033

I love how Apocalipse is always torn between eating and keeping an eye on me… He must be going blind from the flash… Poor kiddos. I don’t do this too often, I swear.

And speaking of alien eyes… When you are taking a random picture of your cat and there is a monster hunting him…


Not quite sure how he is sleeping this calmly… I wouldn’t be, if Shy was hunting me…

Bear with me. I know, I should not be as entertained by the camera in my phone as I am. I am sure it will wear off and I’ll go back to my Canon Eos, and actually take good pictures again… Some day…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to Lens Flares And Aliens

  1. jen says:

    Your black and white cat looks a lot like our black and white cat, Paws!

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