Its raining. Just raining. Everything is wet, muddy, dark and grey. I can’t wait for spring to arrive. Adding to my gloomy mood, the scooter decided to get a flat again today, while I was on my way to the stable.

I won’t say that I blame her. I mean, our roads are covered in water and gravel these days, especially the little roads where the farmers are already beginning to drive their tractors and other huge machinery on and off the fields, dragging dirt with them. Still, this is the second time in 6 months…

I don’t handle unexpected things well. I am just like my old horse, Poseidon, I need structure. I need to know what to do, when and where. My whole world caves in when something like this happens. No matter how much I tell myself that I will get through it, I always have a moment of panic where I can’t find any way out of the situation.

Imagine, being stranded on the roadside, in the pouring rain, with a flat tire and five horses waiting for you to feed them. You HAVE to make it to the stable. Anything else takes a backseat to feeding the horses. But then what?

Luckily, this flat wasn’t as flat as it was the last time. This time, I could sort of drive it, as long as I kept it straight. No turning, because it was way too unstable for that, but I managed to get it to the stable. Which is in the middle of nowhere, so all that got me, was the chance to feed the horses. It did take me quite far away from the nearest auto repair shop.

I have no safety net when it comes to things like these. I have no one who can pick it up for me and drive it to the shop. I have to figure it out myself, or walk it, and that… Would be suicide. Even my stubbornness would probably not survive walking a scooter with a flat tire that far. (Approximately 15 km…)

So, naturally, I called the boyfriend, because someone had to suffer with me.

I have to say, he is pretty good at handling me in situations like these. He helped me find the phone number for the shop and helped give me directions. Even though I had been there before, I honestly questioned my ability to find the shop on my own. I have very little sense of direction and tend to get lost any chance I get.

So we cooked up a plan. The guy who owns my stable has a compressor. All I needed was to figure out how to make that thing work and blow some air into that tire and hopefully make it drive to the shop on its own, without having to be picked up. (I can always call our road aid, but that is crazy expensive and honestly, I would like to eat for the rest of the month…)

I won’t lie, it took me a while to figure out the compressor. I had to call the guy who  owned it, just to make sure I wasn’t messing anything up. All the while it was raining, and the horses was pretty angry with me for only feeding them and then spending my time with the scooter, and not them. But, I got air into the tire. And it almost instantly disappeared again. That wasn’t too encouraging, but I was getting over my panic mode, and quickly kicking my stubbornness into gear.

That is the one thing that has gotten me through most of my life. Telling myself that I don’t need help. I can f***** do this on my own. I am an island. I can do this. I will do this. And it will be okay.

So, I blew some more air into the tire, closed up the hall and the stable and set off towards the shop… Instantly running into a huge tractor, backing across the road, forcing me to hold still for about five minutes, all the while feeling the tire grow flat. I am usually very patient with farmers and their machinery. I know what its like to drive those things and sometimes you just need to block the road to get from point A to point B. Still, of all the rotten timing…

My brave little scooter soldiered on though and we managed to make it from the stable to the nearest gas station, where they luckily had a compressor as well, (a much more idiot proof one, than the one at the stable, mind you,) so I could fill up the tire and continue without it being too dangerous.

I managed to drive from one gas station to another, all the way to the shop.

I have to say, the guys at the shop were awesome. They took it in instantly and fixed it in ten minutes flat. They even let me hang out at the garage and watch and ask questions and generally get in the way. I love that. Being allowed to ask questions and see  what they are doing. I despise having to just surrender it to someone and hope its okay when I get it back.

This is not the shop I usually use, because technically the shop where I bought it, wants to repair it as well, but they can never take it on short notice, so the two times it has had a flat, I have taken it to this other shop in the middle of the city. They are fantastic. The next time I am buying a scooter, I am thinking I’ll buy it from them…

Anyway, that was one of the first things my ordinary shop learned about me as well. I don’t just hand over my scooter if I have a problem with it. I want to talk to the mechanic and preferably watch him fix it, so I might learn something. They did try and tell me that I could not do that, because of their insurance, and other legal reasons, if I got injured on their property. These days though, they don’t bother. It didn’t take them long to get tired of telling me not to.

Still, I love it when strangers like these guys from the new shop, just lets me tag along. Points for that. Loads of points. I bet you the mechanic was laughing to himself when I started taking pictures…


Yeah, well, I have a smart phone now and I was bored. Watching someone drill holes in your tire- (yeah he did that,) is only amusing for so long.


That looks wrong, ha? Screwdrivers should not be coming out of my tire…

And yeah, I know, she is horribly dirty and needs washing. Someday, when the rain stops and the mud clears up. Right now, its hopeless.

Watching him patch it up, I had fun posting the picture on social media, mostly because I have a smart phone now, so I can do stuff like that… I am such an annoying teenager at the moment…

Aside from how amazing the mechanic was, one other thing that totally saved my day, was a friend of mine, who saw the picture and instantly texted me, asking if I needed a ride.

I did not expect that, and I sure did not ask for it, but it meant the world to me.

I guess I am not as alone as I sometimes think, after all.

As it turned out, it wasn’t a horrible day, despite the rain and the unforeseen events. What do you know. And the horses forgave me for not hugging them enough this morning, once I showed up again this evening. Well, most of them. Apocalipse holds a grudge better than the others… Or maybe it is just the rain, getting to him…

So, thanks to everyone who helped me out today, from my poor boyfriend, the stable owner, the shop, and my friend offering assistance without being asked, even if I did not need it. I don’t give you guys enough credit. It really isn’t me against the world anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time. I guess it’s time I started adjusting.


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