You Don´t Know Me, But I Know You

Dark Mare is currently working on a movie for the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). We have done that before, a  lot actually, but this time we have more responsibility when it comes to writing the script and building the movie from scratch. Long story short, I have been behind the scenes in our previous projects, but I never actually met most of the people we worked with.

One thing I have learned is that when you edit movies, you get to know people. It is a strangely intimate experience, piecing a movie together. For someone like me, who always reads body language above all else, I notice everything about a person much more keenly once I sit down and begin editing.

We had a meeting with one of the scientists at the University the other day, and I found myself recognizing a lot of people that came by as we were talking. That was a pretty strange experience.


I had to remind myself more than once, that these people don’t know me. Even if I have been staring at their faces in the editing room a lot, they have no clue who I am and if I smile at them like an idiot, they will think there is something wrong with me…

Once I thought that, I realized just how little I usually do open up to strangers. So what if they don’t know me, I can smile at them, can’t I?

It was one of those kinds of strange situations where I suddenly saw myself through other peoples eyes and I understood why most people who don’t know me, find me unapproachable.


I never tire of studying people. I did not expect to be confronted with my own body language here, but it sure was very educational. Speaking of education, I sure have learned a lot about microscopy lately, and how we don’t see anything that doesn’t reflect light.


It feels a lot like getting back to school. Even the buildings are uninspired and dark.


Walking down a hall like this one, I can feel myself dying a little inside with every step. I could never wake up every morning and go here. But, for the sake of this movie, I actually don’t hate it. It is a great project and a great challenge for us as a team, not just for me, as an individual, who hates schools of all shapes and forms, with a vengeance. The people who work here, are actually really cool.

Oh, and notice the sinister green light the University are using at night?


It’s not edited, I swear. But it does look like some evil wizard is killing Harry’s family in there, doesn’t it?

Yeah, that’s how my mind works. I can only focus on the real world for two seconds at the time, then I drift off to more magical places. Nanoscopy, you say?

But look at this cool, frozen window;


Sometimes I pity the ones who has to work with me… I try. I really do. Most of the time.


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