The Short Stories

I am wrapping up my Science/fantasy series The Legacy, preparing for the first of those books to be released this year, but before I could do that, this one needed to fly. The Short Stories – Collection One, contains a story I wanted to tell, Shade, before The Legacy saw other eyes than mine, but you don’t necessarily need it to read The Legacy books. It was just important to me that my readers got the chance, so here it is;

The Short Stories – Collection One 

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front lulu


“Every story has its own life. Its own purpose.

I never felt like I was creating worlds, or making up characters. They were always there, each and every one of them, waiting for me, to let them open their eyes and tell their story.

As a writer, I give them a voice. Truth be told, that is all I do.


From the author of The Starstone Series, Surviving the Equestrian World, and This Song, here it is; Veronica Merlin’s Short Stories, Collection one.”

SHort stories back

I’ll include a brief run through of the stories in this post. The book contains;


I grew up in the equestrian world. One thing that never stops amazing me, is how horses are treated in the sport, especially race horses. Everybody knows, and nobody ever speaks up on behalf of the animal. “Flare” might be set in a mild fantasy world, but it is, sadly, more fact than fiction.

For Christina

A friend of mine, asked me to write her a “Twilight” story and make her the main character. I can’t do that. But here is what happened.


I wrote this a very long time ago, I believe for some writing contest. I actually got to be rather fond of Jasie, and ended up using him and his dark past, in my Science Fantasy series, “The Legacy.”

Last Day

A very honest story about the day I said goodbye to the single most important person in my life.


I wrote Hillflower as a small series on my blog, where it was first published. It became quite loved by my readers, which is why I decided in the end, to include it here.

The past and the future

Some memories feel so real; it is almost like I am looking through a hole in space and time.


Hope came about when I first got the job as a script writer for Dark Mare Pictures. It was originally a draft for a short film, but we ended up dismissing it in the end. I stuck with the story though, because I really liked it, so here it is.

The Ghost of Youth

One of my dearest friends committed suicide ten years ago. I miss her, still. I miss me, when I was with her. We were always better together.


Thank you, for buying this book, I hope you will enjoy it!


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