Whatever – that’s our band- is working on a project with Dark Mare Pictures. We decided to be brave and maybe let the world hear one of our songs. If we can get the sound right. And Dark Mare would like to create a music video for the song, so that is kind of perfect.

On a personal note, I love editing music videos. They are by far some of the funnier editing you can be doing, so I am pretty excited about all of this.

We recorded the song last night. Or, well, some of it. The guitar and the vocals.


It is a little strange. We have been playing together for 15 years. Sit us down like this with one or two, maybe three guitars, and we work together like a well oiled machine. Everybody knows their “place” and everybody is perfectly comfortable singing second and third voices.

But, split us up, and record the song one track at the time, and we stumble. First the lead guitar, then the second guitar, then the lead vocal, then the second voice, then the third voice, then…


And before long, we were all wondering what it was exactly we had been doing with this song for 15 years. How was my voice again? Wait, that’s not right…


So yes, it got a little late before we wrapped up. Needless to say, we worship our coffee. Some of us more than others…


I am not sure how we always end up on the floor… Somehow we have been playing, while sitting on the floor, most of our years. Missing the pet rat we used to have…


We did have a lot of fun though. That is one of the things I adore about these girls, and our sound guy. No one is uncomfortable with messing up. We all support and encourage each other.

WP_20160214_031              WP_20160214_034

Note the worlds smallest microphone. Do not let it fool you. It is very powerful even if it looks amusing. And yes, we were recording in the living room of one of the girls, because of kids and life and stuff. Luckily, Dark Mare is pretty transportable.


And Whatever is darn creative. Behold, our tin can, duct tape, rise filled shaker…


I won’t say when the song/video will be out. Actually I am not promising that it will be. I hope so, but I know that it is a process and that we are all going to have to be happy with the end result if it is released to the public someday.

Right now, Dark Mare is going to be busy for the rest of the month, with the movie we are working on for the Southern University of Denmark, so this project will have to wait a little. Hopefully, I’ll find time to mix the recordings from yesterday up properly, one of these days, (on the big, not so transportable Dark Mare computer,) and Whatever can figure out what we need more, sound wise, until we can get to planning the video.


Either way, nights like last night, are irreplaceable to me, so I guess only one thing remains to be said;

20160118_002120 4

(I know, there is another band now, named Whatever by now. Honestly, we were there first, but I guess that doesn’t matter if they nicked the name officially, so maybe we will have to change our name if we do go public. Until then, Whatever forever…!)  


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