Laser Light

I managed to get myself sick lately, which has been mindnumbingly boring. While Dark Mare has been setting up for shooting our movie with the University, making cute little videos like this one;

I’ve been trying to keep myself from reading too much fanfiction, AKA, trying to keep a little of my sanity, by playing with the lasers as well. And I realized that lasers light up fluorescent stuff, like real fast. I’ve had these stars at my ceiling forever.

I’m sorry, I am sick, I was bored, please stop me…

My Starstone Pony has fluorescent hair as well…

I know. Once we actually get to shooting, I will have worn that laser out…

Here is a picture of some frozen tonic, just because…


Okay, we are doing a movie about microscopy and how we understand what we see, and how we only see light, and what is reflected by light and please don’t make me explain at the moment. My brain is stuck somewhere between “look at the pretty lights,” (don’t ever look directly at a laser, by the way) and “how did I end up reading Mishalecki fanfiction, did I really run out of everything else?”

I blame the fever… And that smart phone with direct access to AO3… Not good for me. Not good at all.

We are shooting tomorrow. I really hope I’ll be up and about. Staying in bed was never my thing. I even had to let the boyfriend take care of the horses.

That always makes me depressive, when I can’t go see my babies. So surprisingly, one thing that has had me laughing all evening, is this GISHWHES video that suddenly poped up on my news feed;

Don’t ask me why. But it really lifted my spirits, so thanks for that 😉 I have to say though, if that is the level of fan art that is usual for GISHWHES, then I am so not joining… That is so impressive.

And I know, this post isn’t making any sense at all, unless you are in my little world. Sorry. I’ll just go back to bed now. And sleep. My phone is recharging anyway. Someone keeps using up the battery…

This won’t happen often, I swear.



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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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