Early Mornings And Rainy Nights

The last few days have been busy with Dark Mare Pictures, which means that I have been the world’s worst horse mom, and had to feed the kids early. This is what my three old ones look like when I show up at dawn.


Really mom? Now? We are not eating now. Go away with that hay. Come back when we are awake.

Also, the nights has been pretty dark before I made it out there again. I love this shot of the guys.


It was pretty hard to get a good shot of their faces though…


So I did this little video instead. Yeah, I love watching them eat. How happy they are. How good they are together. No fighting, no bullying, no kicking and screaming…

But I really do love the lensflare shots I am getting in the mornings these days. The chill morning sun in the clear frost air.


Its a good thing the two little ones don’t complain about me being early. They are always happy.

I simply adore this shot.


And Saleem? Well, he may think he is alone… But he is not. He is never alone. I am always there, when he least expects it, with a camera… Poor boy…


So yes, I am still here, and I am not forgetting this blog, even if Dark Mare Pictures are kind of taking over my life these days. It’s been fun, shooting with the scientists and the actor for our documentary. We are doing lab tests today and then, we are ready for post production. Which means, I’ll be getting a bit more time to see the babies in daylight.

Crap, I’m getting picked up now. Got to run!


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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