A Report That Should Shock – Pennsylvania’s Dead, 2015

I don’t reblog often, but this is something I believe people should see. Imagine any other “sport” where the athletes dies like this, in front of a live audience. Imagine any other sport where we are cheering, in the face of death? Bullfighting? What else comes to mind?  #StopHorseRacing

“open disarticulated RF fetlock with ruptured sesmoidean ligaments”“heart attack – dropped after finishing race”“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”“horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”“traumatic head injury”“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”“skull fracture”“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time”“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”“euthanized [after some] thrashing”“shipping fever”

Source: A Report That Should Shock – Pennsylvania’s Dead, 2015


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