Behind The Scenes

We have been shooting a lot lately, with Dark Mare Pictures, as we are working on a documentary for the University of Southern Denmark. I have had a hard time updating this blog, because actually sitting down in front of my computer and not working on some aspect of Dark Mare Pictures, has been hard to find time to do.


It’s been fun though, getting the crew back together and working as a team again. We’ve had some pretty awesome days, even though it was much more cold than we had expected when we first decided to shoot as much of the movie outdoors as possible. We kind of wanted to get it out of the lab and into the open, hoping to make it easier for digest if it wasn’t dark shots in dark basements at the university, all of it.


I finally got to handle sound on my own, most of the time. I like that. Especially the days where I remembered to bring gloves. That first day where we shot for 8 hours in the freezing wind, and I didn’t bring gloves, because I am a moron… Well, that was cold…


Oh, and our light guy and his bouncers… I learned very quickly to stay beside him at all times, never opposite him, unless you want to go blind. I do not envy the actor one bit. Those bouncers are evil.


Don’t let that innocent face fool you. He knows exactly how to get you, every time…


Adding a picture of our dramatic looking camera man… Because with Dark Mare, even the crew looks epic…


When they are not busy being morons…. Anyway, we shot at the university as well, with two scientists; Morten Christensen;


And Mathias P. Clausen;


Helping us not to mess up things too badly, by explaining a lot of the science stuff.


Chillin’ like a villain with my boom, waiting for the guys to get ready….


And of course from the camera’s point of view;


I should mention our trooper, actor Jonathan Barkou;


He only messed up a little bit, trimming his beard on day two, making him look completely different in the midst of the shoot…


Luckily we moved to indoors locations, lab tests, so it worked out anyway…


We had a lot of fun with lasers and got some really great shots of how light is reflected.


Even if it wasn’t always easy, getting the right shot.


The last day, was a very long day.

We all got very tired in the end, and even if we managed to keep the silliness to a minimum, we did end up leaving inspirational messages for one another….


The 🙂 was added later… When he earned it… Also, working with three men and a handful of lasers, requires a lot of patience… They will get sidetracked by the pretty lights, at some point…


This started out as a very serious post, didn’t it? I know. And don’t get me wrong, we are actually very serious when we are on set. Most of the pictures are taken when we are on break, and still working, but goofing around a bit, because we never really go on break when we are shooting.

And at some point, our narcissistic (we love you Pinkie,) actor, decided that he didn’t need a crew, and that he could handle everything himself.


So here is our very own Pinkie Pie, directing, acting, and shooting, while handling light and sound. Only a true Pinkie Pie (if you don’t know My Little Pony, go check it out,) could handle that.

And he even got the line right…. Which is impressive. Apologies for it being in Danish, we are aiming the movie at high school kids in Denmark… Still, it is one of those lines that are almost impossible to get right without tripping over your own tongue.

It translates into something like; “Nanoscopy is a pioneering super resolution microscopy technique which development led to the Nobel Prize in 2014…”

Yeah, we had him say stuff like that for two days straight… I wonder why he got tired of the crew…

WP_20160224_138 3

I have to add this beautiful picture, all the while reminding everyone to never aim a laser at someones face… This picture is completely staged, but if you don’t know that, it could make believe that we were aiming a gun at him, right?


I guess it takes a good team to have fun, while being professional and getting the work done as efficiently as possible. I have to say, we are a pretty darn good team… And the lasers were pretty…


*Note, most of these pictures, and the video, are cell phone shots, so this is not “Dark Mare” quality. The Red camera is a whole different story. 

Now, I am still off the grit for a while, working post production, and planning future projects.


I am not sure I realized how much this company was going to claim my time, but so far, I like it, even if I am neglecting my blog and my writing at the moment. My head is working none stop though, so once we are done with post production on this movie, I will have to take a few days and catch up with myself, by getting some writing done, before the story in my head gets too far.

Sometimes it would be nice if I could put my stories on stand by. But that is not who I am. I am a writer, first of all. And someone should take Photoshop away from me.

IMG_8650 24

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, shooting this movie, and I’d like to thank the team for suffering with us in the cold, and through that long night at the lab. You guys are amazing.

And thanks to the two scientists as well, for keeping us on track, making sure we didn’t get anything wrong, and for being very helpful and cooperative to work with.

Wrap up picture of the last day… One of us was still standing. I wasn’t one of them…


Not sure why the actor was tired though…. What’s so hard about acting anyway? 😉


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