My Unicorn

So, before I panic and call my vet, I figured I’d try and ask all you clever and experienced horse people out there.

See this?


This is Marble, thoroughbred mare, born April 11th, 2011, so almost five years old by now. Unridden, and hasn’t worn a halter or a bridle for months.

Notice the swelling on her nose, right?

So, either she is becoming a unicorn, or… what?


It is not an abscess,  there is not puncture wound, or no wound at all, for that matter. There is no indications that she might have been kicked or in any other way have hurt her face. The skin and the fur is unbroken.

It showed up around two weeks ago, and it is sorta growing. I will say, when she changed her teeth in the lower part of her mouth, she got huge, hard swellings as well, and the vets kind of laughed at me when I called them… And it went away by itself in a couple of months.

So, my best guess is that it is teeth. But, I have never seen it like this? Underneath the jaw, sure, but on the nose, like this? Never.

I have another thoroughbred, and when his face was growing, he would get minor swellings like this one, across the nose, but they were always symmetrical.  This, isn’t.

This is only on the right side of her nose.


Which is kind of freaking me out.

That said, she is happy, it is not tender when I touch it, and she is eating like always.


Look at her from the right angle and you could almost miss it.

I know, there is always something, when you have horses… Mostly, my horses come up with something new every time. I have to give them, it never becomes boring, watching them grow up…

So, is there any of you who have seen this before? And should I panic?

I can’t help but wonder if she has a tooth growing in the wrong direction somehow, in there, (I know, I’m a “worst case scenario,” kind of person,) or if I have just been extremely lucky to have never come across this in any of my other young horses before?

Please, anyone?


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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