On It

I’ve been riding for four days in a row now. That is pretty amazing for me, at the moment.

And yes, I know, poor horse, after such a long break, right?

I have five horses. I haven’t ridden the same horse, all of a sudden, four days straight… And when I say “riding,” we are talking ten minutes tops. But still. It counts. I am doing it with a smile.

It’s been crazy misty lately. Yesterday, when I rode Saleem, I couldn’t see much. Luckily, he did not care. And somehow it looks less dense on pictures…


Oh, yeah, he is muddy. He hates getting groomed and since we are not using any equipment, I have to admit, that is one fight I am not always willing to pick with him.

Tardis and I are still using the bridle. She is, to my great surprise, accepting the bit much faster this time around, than she did a year and a half ago. Sometimes, letting your horse grow up, might not be a bad thing. And someone should have adjusted the white balance on that picture… Oh, well…


She is still holding her right shoulder much tighter than her left though, but to my surprise, so is Saleem these days, so I am actually looking to me to correct that, and not so much leaning towards it being a problem with Tardis. If I am not sitting right, I can easily ruin their balance and make them tight. The fact that they are both doing it the second I am not paying attention, does tell me that it is me.

I know that I am off. My spine and my pelvic has taken quite a few hits over the years and the last chiropractor I visited, dared not touch me, for fear of landing me in a wheel chair, so… It is hardly surprising to me.

As a matter of fact, it is encouraging. I was afraid that Tardis may have some shoulder issues, but now, I am thinking that she is just translating me. That is something to work on. Poseidon did that too, so I am not new to the sensation. Some horses are more sensitive than others.

Tardis was pretty explosive today. For those of you who don’t know her, Tardis is the kind of horse that loves rearing and rolling, if possible in the same move.

I can’t begin to describe how much I have missed working with a horse like that. She is all over the place at once, and at the same time, she is so focused, and so willing, I am truly just sitting there with a dumb grin on my face, trying not to touch the rein and kill her joy.

So far, my best way out of feeling sad and miserable and like there is no point to anything anymore, is working with my pony. I just hope I’ll keep finding the energy to work with her. With a smile. Because if I do, she never fails to make me smile for real. I should remember that.

The gang was a bit unsettled the first times I borrowed Saleem or Tardis, but they are pretty okay with it already. Here they are this morning, while I was riding Tardis;


I’ll always be proud of how good they are together. Four of them, eating from the same wheel. (They have three wheels and two spots in the houses, where there is always hay, so no one is ever cut off.) No blood, no kicking, no screaming or fighting. That would have never worked with my old gang. These guys are just perfect.

I am looking at my pasture though, wondering if we are going to be able to save the grass this year. But I remember thinking that last year, around this time. So, staying positive. Optimistic. Smiling. Pinkie Pie Style.

If ponies don’t make you smile, I don’t know what will. I know I’ve shared this before, but it never gets old.

Oh, and My Little Pony season 6 is airing its first episode by the end of this month. Riding the hype train… Woot Woot! To the Crystal Empire!


And Supernatural got picked up for season 12 recently, so really, loads of reasons to smile. Right?

I’m on it.



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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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2 Responses to On It

  1. Jan Sheridan says:

    You make me Pinkie Pie Smile with your posts. LOL Yea to My Little Pony and the new season..

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