One Day

So Apocalipse got a new idea today. He decided that his little brother needed a bath and started licking him. WP_20160317_004

Ablaze was slightly startled about that. Apocalipse isn’t usually that kind to him, although he has been warming up to him lately.


I’m a little with Ablaze here. I am not sure what that was about.

Saleem has been licking him since he was a foal, and I always figured that was a maternal kind of thing, but for Apocalipse to suddenly do it, was a bit out of the blue.


And he was real serious about it too, licking that one spot over and over again. I actually stopped him at one point, to check that Ablaze wasn’t hurt. Sometimes, if they smell blood or infection, they lick it off one another, but I spotted nothing wrong with that particular part of Ablaze’s neck.


I love seeing them get along like this though. Ablaze even stopped tensing up and let himself be licked.

He even got brave and started nuzzling Apocalipse a little in return.


Apocalipse has been a bit of a bully towards him for a long time now, so this feels like he is finally accepting that Ablaze has been trained and is now allowed to be a grown up. I never once questioned that Apocalipse was hard on him because no one else was. Someone had to raise that foal, and since the girls and Saleem (and I) just let him run wild, Apocalipse has been the one to push him around and remind him that he doesn’t own the world. It’s nice to see that they are finding themselves past that somewhat now.

Even if Ablaze is not sure what to think of this new, wet, development in their relationship.


Can’t say I blame him. It may look warm and nice, but it’s actually a clear frost sun. It’s still pretty much winter in Denmark. Being this wet isn’t all that cool.

Ablaze knocked out one of his four-year-teeth a few days ago, (how do they do that??? Apollon did that too, when he was a year old. I mean, come on?) and he is changing his two year teeth at the moment, even if it is a bit behind schedule, since he is turning three in a few months. So, yes, he does smell like blood at the moment.

I am kind of highly tuned to the smell of blood, the strong iron smell, because of Saleem’s teeth issues and no matter how much I have my vets check up on him, we do fail once in a while and I can smell it instantly if he has sores on the inside of his cheeks. It’s the same smell they get when they are changing teeth. Iron. Blood. And yes, Ablaze was licking my face the other day, and I could hardly stand the smell. That’s when I discovered the missing four-year tooth.

So maybe that was what Apocalipse was responding too. Maybe not. As much as I love seeing them like this, I can’t help wonder if I am missing something.

One day, I’ll learn to just smile and be happy that they are no longer fighting, without imagining all kinds of problems. One day…


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