Pokémon – Mewtwo Strikes Back – Movie

When Pokemon was new, I was a little too old to watch it. My sisters generation watched Pokemon. I knew what it was, through her. I watched a few episodes once in a while, if one was on when I turned on the TV but I never stuck with it. I found that I totally adored James, (trust me to fall for the gay bad guy, even back then,) but I did not like any of the main characters much, which kept me from watching it as religiously as my sister.


I was much more into Digimon, but that is another story.

Since the Danish Netflix recently slaughtered both My Little Pony and Supernatural- the two shows I was actually watching- I started looking for something else and I realized that they had updated their Pokemon series to include Indigo League. Reluctantly, I settled for finally giving this show a fair chance.

I have to admit, it is awesome. Watching it from the beginning, is much better than just seeing a random episode once in a while. I love this show. And as such, that leads me to the movie.


There is no escaping the movie, since it is intertwined with the story line of the Indigo League series.

Mewtwo. I always knew of him, though my sister. I knew of Mew too. But I never watched the movie before.

So, Mewtwo strikes back. Basically, it’s about a group of scientists, cloning Pokemons, and while they find DNA from the most powerful Pokemon ever, Mew, they clone him, creating Mewtwo.


Mewtwo is an angry kid though, and kills off all the scientists, and blows up the laboratory he is born in. Welcome to the children’s show, everybody… Dead people all around…

Mewtwo then meets up with the leader of Team Rocket, who convinces him for a while, that they have a common purpose. Mewtwo rebels against him as well, in time, and blows up his headquarters as well. Got to love that Pokemon…

Mewtwo is psychic, by the way. Which makes him nearly impossible to handle.


Ash and his friends, Misty and Brock, are invited to meet Mewtwo in a perfect set up, along with all the other best Pokemon trainers in the area. Of course, they fall for the set up and get caught by Mewtwo, who wants to use their Pokemon to create an army of clones, and exterminate humankind and all the Pokemons who serve them.

Loving him more and more…


The only thing cuter than Mewtwo, is Pikachu. Pikachu, Ash’s main Pokemon, is desperately loyal to Ash. In the face of being exterminated for loving humans, Pikachu does not waver. It stays by Ash.

Mewtwo clones the Pokemon and makes the clones fight the originals, blocking their special powers, so all they can do is beat up on each other. Mewtwo himself, faces Mew in an epic battle, ending with the two of them, killing Ash.


I know, spoiler alert. Not really. This is the second time they actually killed Ash. Welcome to Pokemon. For kids? I don’t know… Ash is a ten year old boy. I don’t think I have seen a lot of children’s shows where you kill ten year old boys. Pikachu, of course, finds a way to bring him back to life, by his loyalty and his love for him, uniting all the Pokemons and their clones in a common purpose, by seeing how miserable Pikachu is when Ash is dead.

It is horribly beautiful. (And that scene where Pikachu tries to wake him up by electrocuting him… That’s almost too heartbreaking.)


I can’t help but think that it is so fitting, even today. Sadly.

Meowth has the best scene ever. He meets his clone and they instantly threaten each other. The clone backs down, though, refusing to fight. Meowth then looks at him and wonders if it is a trick.


“How can I trust you? You were born different.” He asks.

I’ll just let that sentence ring out.

How can I trust you? You were born different.

This movie is from 1998. Apparently we haven’t learned much since then. We still don’t trust those who aren’t the same as us. That is just sad.

So, well played Meowth, and Pikachu.

At least, Mewtwo learns, thanks to you guys.


If the worlds most dangerous and angry Pokemon can learn about acceptance of those who are not like him, then perhaps, so can we. Right?

I guess we need it more than ever these days. Watching the horror show that is the American presidential campaign these days, how people cheer at the thought of building walls, and how hate mongering is celebrated in some circles, I can’t stop hearing Meowth asking his clone how he could trust him, when he was born different?

He could though, because it turned out, the circumstances that brought the clone into this world may have been different from how Meowth was born, but when push came to shove, they were just the same.

I tip my hat to Pokemon. I am still a Digimon girl, but truly, Pokemon is a great show. It has humor, silly puns, the most amazing bad guys, and an underlying seriousness that you have to admire, which truly shines through when you watch it from beginning to end.

Mewtwo strikes back is a great movie. It has aged extremely well. Horrifyingly enough. It is more relevant now, than ever.



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