X Wing Epic

Geek alert.

I believe I have mentioned before that the boyfriend and I have been playing X Wing for a while now. As much as I like the game, it does get a bit stale after a while, since it is so strongly dependent on dice rolls. Sure, you can be sneaky, and you can be good at flying and navigating your ships, but when push comes to shove, most games are won or lost on a few lucky or unlucky dice rolls. (I realize that true nerds calls it “die” not “dice,” since apparently it is too much to use the c… I just hate that, so I don’t…)

Anyway, the boyfriend got a hold on one of the Rebels large ships, almost a year ago. Let’s not kid ourselves, he wanted the C3Po card that came with it… But we haven’t actually tried flying that ship before. Not until last night.

It’s big. The Millennium Falcon used to be huge. Now it looks puny in comparison to the Tantive.


Usually we play with ships at a cost of a 100 points. (The rules are pretty simple but I won’t get too much into them here.) When playing with a large ship like the Tantive, one plays 300 points instead. Which meant that I, defending the empire, suddenly found myself flying a swarm of ships. Say hello to my army.


Usually I can have two of my “large” ships, like the Decimators, and that lands me at a 100 points. This is nine ships, four of them on “large” bases. Try flying that without crashing into yourself…


I could have chosen to fly smaller ships, of course. We have a lot of Tie Fighters and Interceptors and Phantoms, but… I love my Decimators and the Firespray. Not to mention how the Lambda Shuttle is growing on me. It was actually really good against the Tantive. For the first time it felt like it was not being out maneuvered, which was awesome.


I will say that it was pretty hard, keeping track of all those abilities. I keep forgetting who can do what, when I have so many ships. I kept forgetting Darth Wader, for instance… I know, I’m a lousy empire soldier…


And the maneuver dials… So many maneuver dials…


Yes, I was a little overwhelmed, just by controlling my own army, so I never saw the Tantive coming. I will say, it is a funny ship. It’s got a lot of amazing tricks up its sleeve. Especially while being played by an evil mastermind.


Notice the red in his eyes? It’s his soul, shining through, I swear…

The trouble with us, is that we are pretty sneaky, both of us. We keep bluffing each other, and half of what we do, is mind games. Double bluffing to the point where we even get ourselves with our sneakiness. I am always surprised when we play tournaments, by how little other people plan ahead and scheme…

Seriously, with us, even the cat is scheming.


“A cow you call it? Looks like a mouse to me…”

Poor Lambda Shuttle… It’s a little slow. It didn’t make it into half of the pictures.


And the cat found the best way to scheme. Claiming the range ruler and keeping it. Try shooting now.


It was a pretty crazy game. One of the worst things about the Tantive is that it isn’t evenly matched. For instance, if it flies into another ship, it takes it clean off the board. That lost me both my Firespray and Carnor Jax. Which is completely irrational. That is far too many hit points to just lose like that.


That ability makes it a huge battering ram, which is a shame. The great thing about the Tantive is all the things it can do, and all its guns. But if you should play it the clever way, you should just plow head on into the enemy and make sure to hit them one ship at the time. That’s hardly fun.

I am not sure how to fix it though, because without the crazy ability to  just take ships off the board, it may be costing too many points.

So, I guess we will be playing Epic again, because it was super awesome to have so many ships and just launch everything at the enemy at once, without having to choose between what ships I wanted to fly. But, I don’t think we’ll play much with the Tantive, sadly.

Once it was gone, the rest of the rebel alliance just crumbled and my boys cornered Corran Horn, in a dashingly brave move from the Lambda Shuttle, nearly hitting an asteroid, but cutting him off. Focus fire takes down even the most annoying little insects…


Okay, I guess that was geekish enough for today. I am usually more into playing Scum, than empire, because as much as I don’t like the good guys, I don’t like the establishment either. We just don’t have that many Scum planes yet… I will have to amend that. I believe we have another local store championship coming up soon, and with the new errata, rendering Decimators and Firesprays and large base planes nearly useless, because the enemy gets half points for shooting them half down, I am thinking that I may have to leave my trusted Oicunn at home for once. He is simply too expensive now. Sadly.

It is still a funny game though, once you get over all the annoying parts and the luck aspect of the dice rolls. It is a perfect way to unwind after a long day, because even while playing Epic and having a lot of things to remember, and plan, and scheme, it is still a game you can play without thinking too much. (I scheme in my sleep, so that part is second nature to me.) And it will satisfy some animalistic need to destroy things. I don’t know. I get those urges, to just shoot things down, once in a while.

X Wing is awesome for that. That is all you have to do. Fly and fire. Add sound effects for good measure, by making exploding noises when the enemy ships go down.

That is very important. The game is just not nearly as satisfying if played in silence.


And don’t forget the evil laughter when you are being brilliant and your opponent don’t know it yet. Or, when you slam your Firespray straight into your Decimator and have to pretend that it was on purpose… Ahm. It happens.

Look at me, writing a whole post like this, and not adding a single shipping joke… I better quit now, while I’m ahead.

So if you haven’t tried X Wing, I’ll actually recommend it, even if you are not a Star Wars geek. I am not. I have only watched two of the movies. You need to know nothing about anything, to play it. Which is one of the things that makes it great.

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