Embrace Your Weird

I’m going to share a little link here. Just in case anybody feels like embracing their weird;


A friend of mine sent me the link a few days ago, and I was instantly thinking “yes. This is me. Where has this been all of my life?” And proceeds goes to anti-bullying charities? What can I say, Felicia Day is awesome…

I’m not much for fangirling. At least I try not to. But I love this campaign.

Sadly, I realized that the campaign was ending on March 30, like the day before my paycheck cleared, and I am dead broke this month, like any other month, so…

My friend and I moaned about it to each other for a while, (and by “a while,” I mean that it was like 2 am and we were on face book chat with each other, not getting any work done and not going to sleep..,) and then she suggested that we wrote to Felicia and asked if she could move the date.

I’ve seen the SPN campaigns get moved, because people have asked, so I encouraged her to do that. Yes, try and write to her. I’ll just hang back and watch… She won’t see it anyway…

In the end, we both wrote to her, my friend on twitter and me on face book. I re -tweeted her tweet for good measure… And then we went to sleep. I woke up the next morning with my friend messaging me saying, “she answered!”

And less than 24 hours later, the campaign date had been moved to April 4th.

I am pretty astounded by that. Looking up Felicia Day on twitter, she has 2 million +, nearly 3 million, followers. There has to be people, contacting her constantly. I am guessing that my friend and I can’t have been the only ones to ask for the date to be moved, but still. When we wrote back and said thanks, she instantly liked our tweets again.

I don’t get how that is even possible. I am overwhelmed by the times when this blog has hit 40.000 views and has been heavy with comments. I don’t know how you do that.

It had me thinking, though. I started going through the celebrities on my stalker- list… I mean, the ones I follow… Felicia is one of the ones with the most followers. She beats the crew of Supernatural, only Jared coming close.

And then, I got curious. Turns out that President Obama has about as many followers and J.K. Rowling. 7 million + . That’s kind of funny.

And way ahead of everyone I stalk… I mean, follow… is Emma Watson, with 21 million followers, and Miley Cyrus with almost 30 million.

Take that, Mr. President.

I honestly had not expected that the top most followed people on my stalker list, would be women. I have to say, I love that, even if I think it’s a bit frightening how many people follow pop stars and actors, (no disrespect intended,) as opposed to, for instance, the president of the United States.

That is slightly unsettling in my world…

But anyway, I guess I’ll be embracing my weird, by supporting this campaign. Go give it a looksie. Even my boyfriend is jumping on board with this campaign, and he has usually been shaking his head behind my back when I’ve been buying SPN and My Little Pony stuff… (Hasbro doesn’t even make it past the first million followers… Yes, I stalk Hasbro. Season 6 airs this weekend! Wup Wup!)

But Felicia Day’s campaign is clearly something even he feels related too.

It may be because he is kind of the king -geek around our local society, and people always think he is weird, before they get to know him… I believe that he knows what bullying is like as well.

I was never bullied. People usually just stayed clear of me when I was at school. I was the weird kid, sitting at the back of the class, never talking to anyone, unless I was forced to.

So yeah, this is a message we can both get behind.

And yes, checking out how many people follow someone, or looking up stuff I could buy if I wasn’t broke, or chatting with my friends in the middle of the night, that’s kind of what I do, when I should be writing. The internet is a horrible distraction sometimes.


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