Renewing My Smile

I was riding Tardis today, and I realized that we changed shoulder. That usually happens, when you start riding a young horse. They have a good and a not so good side and at some point, they switch and the good side becomes the not so good.

When I got Tardis, three years ago, her not so good shoulder was the right one. I noticed when ever I worked with her from the ground and that brief spell where I rode her a year and a half ago, I actually wondered if her not so good side, was too bad. Maybe it was too much, maybe she had some complications from giving birth to Ablaze, or whatever, perhaps she was too protective of her right side?

I have watched her a lot, while I have not ridden her, and at no point, while watching her play, have I felt that she was in trouble. Which led me to not panic and not bother the vet.

Now that we started riding again, a few weeks ago, I was strongly reminded of that right shoulder and how she would stiffen it, rather than bend it.

Which was why, today, when I suddenly realized that we changed shoulders, I was jumping for joy. Today, it was our left shoulder that would not be flexible. That feels like a very ordinary young horse, at long last. Switching sides. That is a huge relief to me.

I decided too, to try on one of Saleem’s denim bridles on her instead of the leather one. The last time I tried it on her, it was too big, but now, it’s acceptable.


She is only a hole smaller than Saleem now. Amazing what happens in a year and a half. From she was 5 till now, when she is turning 7.

But it suits me pretty well, as I am finding it more and more difficult to accept things made from leather. So I would really like to sell off all of my leather stuff and never again strap another dead animal on the face of my horses.

I know. Feel free to think of me as crazy. I like being vegan, and I feel like I need to get rid of the leather in my life as well.

Even if setting Saleem’s saddle up for sale is kind of tough. We looked for that one for so long. He was such a nightmare to find a saddle for. And my Ideal Hunter is an awesome saddle. I am just not using it. Haven’t used it for years. Which is a shame too.

Ablaze showed up, helping me remove the bridle from his mom, after we had been riding today. So, I figured, since he was busy biting it anyway, he might as well try it on. (He is turning three in a month from now, so one could argue that he should know what a bit is by now. Or one could not. I don’t care. But if he is biting my bridle, he can try it…)


That’s what happens when you are annoying around here.


He couldn’t care less. That horse is amazing.

Here he is, for instance, with (almost) 5 year old Marble, eating hay, completely ignoring the tractor and the guy with the high pressure cleaner, even though he is right there, on their pasture. (Hosing off fertilizer… I’m not a huge fan of him doing that, but my grass does not complain…)


I am so proud of my babies. I have never had a herd like this one, where every one is just sensible and easy going, without being dull or phlegmatic. They are just feeling safe in their surroundings.


I am very happy that I started riding again. Tardis is the perfect pony for me to get back on the horse. I don’t think I would have started again, without her. But the way she is progressing, and the way her special temper appeals to the girl I once was, sure is helping me rekindle my passion for riding.


Which in turn, makes it easier to go through the chores of owning a stable everyday. Of showing up, no matter if it rains or storms or even if I don’t make it before sun down.


Saleem has been brilliant too, after I started riding him again. We are even working out the canter now, without the bridle.

So really, what is still bugging me, is Apocalipse and how to proceed with him. He is so darn touchy and so amazingly intelligent and easily bored. But, I’ll work it out. Tardis is renewing my faith in my training skills. And my smile.

I mean, look at that face.


How can that fail to make anyone smile?


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