Sonic Rainboom And The Electric Fence

So, Rainbow Dash came by my pasture today. I have proof.

Wait for it.



Sonic Rainboom!

Applauding my horses for how cool they are in face of what is happening right overhead… It takes more than Rainbow Dash and her Sonic Rainboom to spook Apocalipse and Saleem! 20% cooler, if I may say so…

Okay, I am a little tired. I spent most of the day fixing my fence.

I arrived to find these tracks out side the fence;


And while they were all busy looking impossibly innocent, someone clearly left my pasture last night.


I have a prime suspect. First off, Tardis and Marble doesn’t do anything like this. (That’s the girls, I may ad. My clever girls…) So they are easily ruled out.

Second, if it had been Saleem, there would have been sliding stop marks. He has, a few times, crashed sideways through my fence, when they have been playing and he miscalculated the distance.

Third, if it had been Apocalipse, there would have been similar sliding stop tracks. He usually dares himself, when he gets excited, and pushes the limits for how fast he can go from top speed to nothing, and he usually fails. He has, hands down, crashed through my fence the most, but never on purpose. He just tends to overestimate his own awesomeness. (Yes, he is my Rainbow Dash.)

Another option for Apocalipse, would have been if he had jumped the fence. He is taking after his mother that way. Not that he is doing that as much as she did, but he has done it a few times, when he has realized that he could not stop in time. Like his mother, he jumps nicely back onto the pasture afterwards…

But these tracks… Aside from the shape of the hooves, they really only leave one suspect. Ablaze.

This is someone who deliberately just walked through the fence. No accident, no “ups I could not stop,” no. This is escape artist number one.

Just what you need when you show up at the stable on a day where it is going to rain all day. Oh wait, your foal has escaped last night. Look at those tracks. He just walked through. That means that the electricity is not working. Guess what you are going to be doing for the rest of the day, in the rain…  Fixing fence! Yeah, me!

Aside from the tracks and the obviously stretched fence where he escaped, he had managed to break it in two other places, no doubt from deciding to return to the pasture.

I have to say, he gets points for going back home and not running down the road, or visiting the horses next door, like he did last year when he had a brief moment of escape-fever. Knowing that he did not go far, and managed to go through the fence twice without getting injured, that is kind of comforting.

And of course, completely unacceptable.

So, I set about measuring electricity all across my pasture, while setting up an extra line of fence. Judging by my fence, one would think I was trying to keep in a dinosaur by now, or something wild and dangerous. Not a three year old Arabian gelding.


He is something special, that one. Now I just hope he will stay put. It is truly my worst nightmare, having a horse that does not respect the fence.

(Apocalipse and his mother excluded, I trust them to not do stupid things, and besides… I tried for 14 years, to keep Amalia on the pasture, but the sky was her limit when it came to jumping. She never got in trouble, though. She taught her son well.)


I will say for Ablaze, that he was perfectly right. The fence had burned itself over at that particular spot, which meant that it did need replacing, because even if it looked fine to my puny human eye, he knew that it was “dead.” Note to self. Vigilance. Ablaze has a knack for spotting those kind of things. He sure is keeping me on my toes, that one.

The three little ones helped me set up the new parts of the fence. Apocalipse, Marble and Ablaze, all decided to bite it and play with it, every time I turned my back, displaying a complete disregard for it, that was a little startling.  Either they knew that it was turned off because they could see me touching it, or it had been broken for quite some time…

That is something to think about.

For now, I’ll just count my blessings that Ablaze is okay and promise myself and him, to keep a better eye on our fence in the future.

And not complain too much that I spent the entire day, soaking wet. At least I got a picture of Rainbow Dash. On a cell phone, no less. That is quite a once in a lifetime shot.


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