I never stop being impressed with the Supernatural fandom. The way they – I should say “we” but I am a lousy team player – join forces time and time again. Like the Mishapocalypse, that is taking over Tumblr (and other social media these days…) every April 1st.

So, I’ll respectfully mention it here and keep this blog passive for the rest of the day.

The Mishapocalypse started to show support for Misha Collins, who plays Castiel on Supernatural. These days, I think it’s mostly just a chance to take over the internet for the Supernatural fandom… At least as much as supporting Misha.

So, today we are all Misha. And all you got to do is Photoshop this picture- badly – onto anything you post on April’s first.


Don’t ask me who chose that picture. It’s not exactly the best photo of him. Trust me, the guy is gorgeous. Angelic, one may be tempted to say… Anyway…

I apologize to all none Misha’s coming by my blog today. It only happens once a year.


I’ll be back to being my own crazy tomorrow. But its’ not everyday you get to be Misha, along with thousands of other Misha’s…

Happy #Mishapocalypse 😛



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