Aprils Fools

Okay, fair warning. I’ve only slept for 4 hours, and my head feels like a cotton ball after all the Misha I was bombarded with everywhere on social media yesterday while the SPNfamily was celebrating Mishapocalypse. That said, I am still writing this post and not about Misha or Supernatural.

Almost. I joined the Mishapocalypse, for two reasons. One, I thought it was hilarious. And two, I always spend April first writing sad posts about missing my lady Amalia, and I figured it would do me good to keep this blog offline on this day, for a change.

But, I still have to mention her. She was (is) my mothership.

Amalia would (should) have turned 22 years old yesterday.


This is not a sad post. This is me, acknowledging one of the most important persons in my life on a day that was always very special for us. My Aprils Fool.

Another girl that had a birthday yesterday, was my Tardis. She turned 7.


As I signed off the internet and went to my stable yesterday, it was a great day. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and for a change, the road seemed oddly quiet.

I had one of those days where I could feel myself slipping. Where I had to tell myself to keep smiling, to decide to be fine, until the end of the week, because I’m alive and that’s my job. And then, do it again next week. With a smile. (Thanks SPN script writers…)

Instead of riding Tardis, I decided to spite my gloomy mood, and do something else I have not done in a long time, because I simply have not had the energy. I took Tardis for a walk on the road. How is that for a smile?

Tardis was amazing. Ablaze, Apocalipse and Marble kicked up a storm when I took her, and Saleem joined in, thinking that they were playing, so I had my girl on the road for the first time in forever and the rest of the gang, calling for her and running around like crazy. Okay, she did get caught up in the mood.

Tardis is such a funny pony. She never pulls on the rope, exactly like Amalia never did. Even when she rears up against me, it is at the end of the rope, so as to not hit me, and without ever applying pressure to the rope. One thing my April’s fools have in common, aside from being awesome.

So, in order for us to escape the gang, I decided to run with her, and let her blow off some steam, rather than asking her to stay calm and walk with me. I’ve been running by myself, so I felt confident that I could do that.

Note. A horse, an excited horse, runs pretty darn fast. And I was wearing a winter jacket. That is not cool. Not even a little bit.

But, we ran, and it broke the spell for her, where she had to keep looking back at the pasture.


We didn’t run all that long and once we turned around to go back home, a car showed up. Imagine that. A car. On the road. Actually it was very quiet, since we only met one, so I should count my blessings.

Tardis instantly exploded when I asked her to move aside and leave space for the car to pass. (Which is why I don’t ride her on the road just yet.) She reared up over my head, and the driver of the car slammed on his breaks. He was pretty far away, so no danger, but he looked strangely scared. Granted, she is a big pony, when she walks on two legs, but still…

I asked her politely to get off the road and onto the nearby field, and then I let her continue her two – leg – show – off without interrupting. Its never good to tell Tardis not to rear up when she needs to. Just smile and wait until it goes away…

The car snuck by, staring out his window with huge eyes at my wonderful pony. I made sure to smile and wave at him in thanks for going slow. He is no doubt telling his family about this insane girl he met, who completely ignored her pony and waved at him, while it was having a nuclear meltdown on some poor farmers field.

We didn’t cause much damage to the crops. Promise.

Returning home, the gang was still running. Having winter fur, they were all soaked in sweat, except Saleem. I just released Tardis and let her run with them as soon as we got home.

You can actually see Saleem’s headshaking here… That means he is excited. Really, this is not negative for him, not like this. The difference is subtle.

Taking pity on them, I decided to ask if anypony wanted a shower. I did think it was a little cold, but they were really hot.


Ablaze, Apocalipse and Marble volunteered instantly. (Wow I’ve been writing Mishapocalypse so much yesterday, I almost spelled Apocalipse the right way… The horror…)

And Ablaze lingered. He is impossible to get rid off. He just loves water.

Yes, I have a cell phone now, that can do videos. Even if it doesn’t like it when my hands are soaking wet…

All in all, I ended up sweaty, smiling and soaked in water from having washed the kiddos, and feeling much better than before I walked with Tardis.

They are so precious, all of them. And they can always make me smile, sometimes I just have to remember to give them the chance.

Happy birthday Amalia! We still miss you. I hope you know how beautiful your son, Apocalipse, is turning out.



And happy birthday Tardis! You are the ray of sunlight, I so desperately need.


And your son is perfect too 🙂



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