Powerpuff Yourself

While I’ve been busy getting swept up in the Mishapocalypse all day, wondering what it would take to get the hashtag trending on Twitter, one thing that has been trending all day, mocking us slightly, has been #PowerpuffYourself.

Once I finally signed out as Misha, after having met a lot of awesome people, which I will write about some other time, I surrendered and checked the hashtag out.


Turns out, its a website where you cam make your own Power puff girl.


I remember a time, when my band and I were young and one of us got a boyfriend, (who later turned into a husband,) and he mocked us with being the Powerpuff girls and somehow, it always fitted us well, so…

wallpaper (1)dwefrw

In my defense, I am really tired. So glad I am not Misha everyday… But it was a great experience. One I’ll need to process a little, before turning it into words.

So, thanks for bearing with me today. I promise, I am back to my own crazy now.

*Edit. Made it better, now that I am kind of thinking straight as it is no longer 4 am…

whatever 1

And added one of my partner in crime, fellow writer Noel Heart and me;


This is so much fun…. Stop me, please… The boyfriend even made one of himself…


Aren’t we a… strange couple…


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