Mishapocalypse 2016

Okay, I think that maybe I’ve processed the Mishapocalypse a little by now. For those who don’t know; its a Supernatural fandom thing. (Supernatural is a TV show…) One of the actors from the show, Misha Collins, is very liked for, among other things, his online presence. I haven’t been in the SPNfamily that long, in fact, this is my first Mishapocalypse, which is why the impact kind of hit me harder than I thought it would.

In my defense, I live in Denmark, I had to make a deal with a guy I met at a crossroad, to even be able to watch the bloody show to begin with. It’s not like its easy to come by in this country, so I watched it for the first time, about a year ago. And instantly sold my soul… What’s ya gonna do… Anyway…

In short, everyone is Misha, on April’s first. Mostly, its a Tumblr thing, but its leaking onto other social media as well. Everyone changes their profile picture into the same agreed upon picture of Misha, and everyone is calling themselves Misha and talking to everyone else, as if they were Misha, for 24 hours. And, of course, photo shopping the same picture of Misha, badly, onto anything. Pictures, giffs, you name it. Everything is Misha on April first. I saw some pretty awesomely motion tracked giffs… That is commitment in my book…

So, what it really is, is a collective, online, 24 hour role play, with the added bonus of showing support for one of the kindest actors within our fandom.

I always had a hard time joining anything like this. I always felt like an outsider, no matter where I was, or who I was with. I always felt that I should keep an ironic distance to most things, and not let myself be swept away. I always keep this wall around my core, not ever letting myself get too involved. I am not a team player. That is why I have horses. So I don’t have to deal with other people. That is my sport. Me, and my animal.

In the days, leading up to April first, I wavered between “this is kind of stupid,” and “why the fuck not?” Until I justified it with turning it into a social experiment. I do that. Observe people, their reactions, responses, (and body language, which is impossible online,) so this could be pretty educational. I love learning new things about the human race, because no matter if I don’t always feel human myself, I never fail to be amazed by it.

So, I joined in. It’s not like I haven’t done anything like it before. The Echelon, (3o Seconds to Mars) and the HIM’sters has been pretty active with things like this, if not anything of the same scale as the Mishapocalypse. But we do have Heartagram day, every year, for instance…

Needless to say, most of my online friends did not bat an eye when Veronica Merlin turned into Misha Collins. I had one person tell me that I looked so different in my new picture, but that was about it. (Side note, don’t change your name on face book, it won’t let you change it back for 2 months, so unless you want to be stuck being Misha for more than 24 hours, keep that in mind. I have seen a lot of Misha’s who did not know that…)

I am fairly new to Tumblr, but the Mishapocalypse was a pretty amazing way to find all the right people to follow. All those who are pro-Misha, so to speak, with the same twisted humor as myself. Another thing abut the Mishapocalypse is that all the Misha’s tend to follow each other blindly, and this is where things get very interesting.

My Twitter imploded pretty quickly. It is so easy, changing your name on Twitter. In the blink of an eye, everyone was Misha Collins, and wearing the same profile picture, following everyone all over the place.

It feels like a completely insane thing to do, but at the same time, it is a great way of meeting new people, with whom you are sure of one thing. They like Supernatural and Misha. Already, you have something in common. So, why not?

I didn’t add any Misha’s on my face book. It’s a little too personal, somehow, to add faceless strangers on face book. But aside from that, I ended up jumping in.

I had thought I’d just stop by the computer once in a while, reblog a few things on Tumblr, tweet a few stupid Photo shopped images, and follow a few Misha’s. All chill, not committing, mostly just observing, like I usually do.

I even opened my book to write on it when evening came, thinking that I’d get some work done.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Somehow, I ended up on Twitter, talking to a bunch of other Misha’s. Two, in particular, ended up taking up most of my evening. (Thank god for the @twitter names, other wise that would have been completely insane, with everyone named Misha and looking the same.)

It was kind of crazy, still. The way you talk to other Misha’s, is very different from how you would normally talk to strangers online. First of all, we all said things like “hey there Misha, looking sexy,” or  “that’s a pretty picture you got there, you seem so familiar.”

I know, bad jokes like that, all day. And all night.

One of the Mishas I was taking too, ended up saying that he (I don’t know if it was really a boy or a girl, so, well…) got a six pack from laughing so hard over our conversation. We other Mishas instantly jumped in, telling him that he already had. I mean, have you seen yourself, Misha?

I believe we ended up inventing our own hashtag. #TeamBadJokes

And a few other… Not that child friendly.

By midnight over here, Misha (the real Misha- we all love the new, verified accounts) joined in a little, acknowledging that he had seen what was going on. That kind of felt like the over lord  tipping his hat to the minions and we were all cheering.

The two Misha’s I was talking to, were not in America’s time zone either, so for us, the Mishapocalypse was kind of over, but we kept it up until almost 4 am, simply because we were having too much fun to go back to being ourselves again.

So, to sum this up, there is no way to sum it up.

It felt like a mass psychoses, playing out in front of me, dragging me in, pulling me down, making me embrace my inner Misha, even if I did not know I had one.

I had no idea I could have so much fun, being just one of the many, wearing the same face and the same name as everybody else. Sometimes, I guess, it is good, not to stand out. I have had no experience with that before.

I have to say, I saw so many photo shopped pictures of Misha within the 28 hours I was Misha, that I woke up the next morning thinking that it was going to be a while before I could stand seeing that face again. Like, at all. I never thought I say it, but I seriously needed a Misha break.

And then Misha, of course, posted a silly video on face book, mocking Donald Trump. Sigh. How do you take a break from that?

I think  I need help…

I am still not entirely sure what I learned from this experience, but there is something about being part of something so huge, touching so many people, that feels kind of epic.

I sure will be doing it again next year. It was too awesome not to. And I did make some super cool new friends, that I hope I will stay in touch with.

I am happy too, though, that there is a whole year until next time. Really, really happy.

On a slightly related note, Felicia Day is running a campaign for her book, You are never weird on he internet (Almost), – feels like it was written for us- on Represent,

Embrace your Weird; 


There is some real cool stuff there and proceeds go to her anti bullying charities. It ends in 24 hours, so go check it out, if you are weird likes to embrace it.

I know I’ll be waiting impatiently for the mailman, and I’ll wear my hoodie proud.

“Embrace your weird” sounds so much sweeter than “crazy as hell.” Yep, I can get behind that.

Thanks Mishamigos, for a great Mishapocalypse. See ya all next year. Let’s make the world weird again. Oh, yeah, that’s the new slogan for the Misha for President campaign;


Don’t worry, that is a joke. Sort of. You can buy the clothes.

And the page itself it pretty well written.


Loads of fun to be found there. If only Misha was running…

Okay I really need help. Better get to my stable, and do some chores. No Misha’s out there, if I keep my phone in my pocket.

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4 Responses to Mishapocalypse 2016

  1. foundmyzen says:

    So glad you joined in and enjoyed it! My first year participating & second year observing. Do you Gishwhes?? If you don’t, consider it! It’s amazing. I’m not usually a joiner of things if “everyone is doing it.” I tend to rebel at the thought of following the herd but GiShwHEs is the most fun I’ve ever had! Check out Misha’s Gishwhes tumblr page about it since the website is down to prep for the 2016 hunt.
    Btw, you write beautifully. This summed up the Mishapocalypse perfectly! Well done!

    • Starstone says:

      Hey, I signed up for GISHWHES before the page went down 😛 Haven’t done it before, so I’m kind of terrified 😉 Thank you, and nice to meet you 🙂

      • foundmyzen says:

        You’re going to have a blast! It’s insane. Of course it is…cause, you know…Misha! This will be my third year gishing. I hope to do it every year until I die! Most. Fun. Ever.
        Nice to meet you too!

      • Starstone says:

        I’m still not sure what, how, when, anything 😉 And I live in Denmark, so I have no idea how to join a team or… Okay, deep breath, not freaking out… I’ll be fun… yes. Fun 🙂

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