Training ?

Alright everypony, it’s me, Ablaze again! I know, it’s been a while since I’ve taken over this blog, but I thought I’d stop by. For those of you who don’t remember, this is me;


I’m the super gorgeous one, not wearing a rider. The picture is from last year.

Anyway, my human has started riding again lately, much to my amusement. I did find it kind of boring most of last year, when she didn’t ride anypony.

As much as I would love to follow my mom around when our human rides her, I dare not. My mom is like, super tough. You keep your distance to her, really, when she is working.


Saleem, on the other hand… He is like a sitting duck… I love it when the human rides him.

Saleem is so gentle. He never acts up when the human is around. Which means that I can totally attack him when he least expects it, and he can’t beat me up, because he is afraid that his human will get caught in the cross fire.

I got to say, she is a big girl. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

Usually she lets me do pretty much whatever I want, but when it comes to me, attacking Saleem, when she is riding him, she is pretty much a spoilsport. She has this stick, making her arms super long, and most of the time, she uses it to keep me at a distance, so I won’t be able to provoke Saleem. Completely uncool if you ask me.

I will say though, that once I learned to not attack Saleem, but to only threaten him and pin my hears behind his back, she let me come closer again.

Personal space. Inviting me in. She keeps using terms like that. I don’t get it. None of it. My mom sure never taught me about personal space, nor about being invited in. But this human seems adamant about it.

So, I humor her, and wait until she lets me come closer, and I don’t attack Saleem anymore. I may bite the humans arm, once in a while, because somehow she doesn’t mind that as much as when I go after Saleem. She seems to think that it is very unfair to Saleem, when I attack him and he can’t defend himself.


Another strange word. Humans are crazy…

Today, she let me come closer and then she picked up her phone and started recording me as I followed them around. I mean, come on. I know I am cute, but what kind of irresponsible behavior is that?

What if Saleem had spooked, ha? What if I had accidentally bit him, even though I know I am not allowed? It could have happened, you know… And then she would have been stuck with that phone in one hand and no way to stop me… I should have bit him… I am not sue why I didn’t.

The human calls it “training.” And “trust.” As in, she believes she has trained me to not bite Saleem when she rides him. I am not sure she should count on that, but whatever makes her wear that stupid smile on her face, is good by me. I guess her trust in me, and Saleem, is kind of sweet.

I am not entirely sure why she is only riding Saleem and my mom in the first place. I’d love to join in, but she keeps telling me to grow up first. I am pretty darn grown up if you ask me, thank you very much!

Anyway, I guess that was it for today. I just wanted to show the video of how awesome I am. And Saleem, of course. I guess he is pretty awesome too. Just don’t tell him I said that.

Ablaze – out.



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