Fed Up Fred – Blood Rule

Let me be the first to say, that I don’t always agree with the Fed Up Fred page, but I follow it anyway, and just scroll past it, if I don’t feel it resonating with me. Most of the time, it kind of does though.


Like, when it posts something like this;

1424418_896999257064253_2960235669737177923_nPhoto credits, Fed Up Fred 

Funny, right? A joke, right?


Please, right?

Nah. Not at all. I even had the Danish Equestrian Federation tell me that thoroughbred horses bleed easily from their lungs. Nothing to do with doping. No testing needed. And of course, they changed their rules by now, to fit with FEI.

You know, the International Equestrian Federation and their Blood Rule;

“Horses bleeding on the flank(s), in the mouth or nose or marks indicating excessive use of spurs or of the whip anywhere on the Horse (in minor cases of blood in the mouth, such as where a Horse appears to have bitten its tongue or lip, Officials may authorize the rinsing or wiping of the mouth and allow the Athlete to continue; any further evidence of blood in the mouth will result in Disqualification.)”

I don’t think that is the exact wording anymore, but it is pretty close. I believe the updated version state that as long as the stewards can wipe the blood away once, it’s okay. I would check, but their website is impossible to navigate. One would almost think that was on purpose… You really have to want it, to find the rule you are looking for…

And the horse I caught on camera, (for instance) bleeding from the nose at a show jumping event, well, he made it across the finish line and was treated by a vet afterwards. No need to disqualify the rider. It was a thoroughbred. It happens. According to the federations. That was FEI, by the way, telling me that.

Welcome to the world of horse racing, where as long as its alive when it crosses the finish line, it is good enough. Is this where we want equestrian sport to end up?

Wipe the blood away.

Such a noble sport.

Treated like kings, those horses are.


I remember a time, when riders were actually disqualified if their horses bled. And, among the other riders, it was truly frowned upon, when someone kicked holes in their horse with their spurs. Of course, that was before the internet.

And before the federations started openly supporting animal abuse in the sport.

I know. I’m out. I am done with the equestrian world. Still, it only takes a picture like this one to pull me right back in. I cannot believe that so many people support a blood sport.

It is beyond me, how rapidly the equestrian world is declining.

And the losers are always the horses.

The innocent animals, that was never asked what they wanted.

I bet you most of those “treated like kings” would much rather roam a pasture, rolling in the dirt, on any given day.

“But most of them can’t be on a pasture, they don’t know how!” 

Trust me, I’ve heard every argument. Aren’t we failing badly, when a horse don’t know how to be part of a herd on a pasture?

And when nobody cares if it bleeds in front of a live audience?


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