Surviving The Equestrian World

Surviving the Equestrian World is available at a discount; $0.99 today and tomorrow, as an ebook.
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“For me, it was always about the horse. What really mattered to me was the relationship I had with my horses, the love between us. Everything I know, my horses has taught me.
This is what I have learned, from owning “the horse that did not like humans,” for fifteen years. Every mistake I have made, which training methods worked for me, and which ones did not.
Poseidon was dangerous, I would never deny that. Still, teaching him to live, remains to this day, my proudest achievement. In many ways, he taught me how to live as well. He taught me what kind of a person I need to be, to make the both of us survive the equestrian world. “
 IMG_4554 IMG_3816
Random pictures… I really do need a whole book to describe my life with these guys ❤ 
normal_DSC_2884 normal_DSC_2886
IMG_6633 IMG_3432
IMG_3732 img_0542 20160303_170802sdfa 20150818_122850

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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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