Play Time

First of all, Happy Birthday Marble!

5 Years old today ❤




I know I’ve posted a lot of pictures in the past, like these ones, of Saleem and Apocalipse playing, and I’ve always sworn that they never touch each other. Recap pics;



maj 7 325

maj 7 248

I know they look extremely violent, but they really are not. Which is why I’ve always been able to stand so close to them with the camera. And now, I can prove it. I got a smart phone… Yeah… and with that, a smart little video camera I always have in my pocket…

In Saleem’s defense, he just tackled himself and fell, mere seconds before I started the camera, so he is a bit unsettled. But I love to see how he actually stands up to Apocalipse nonetheless. Saleem is not a horse that usually responds by going up when he is pressed, so this is a new development for him, even if he doesn’t match his son in pushiness.

And, I just love watching them play. They are so good together.

Also, I got the luckiest cell phone shot;


Okay, I admit it, I was trying to switch to video camera, and my phone is just a little too smart for me so… This was a real dumb luck shot…


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