Always My Foal

I believe I was quite unfair, calling Ablaze my “perfect foal” in the last post. Well, don’t get me wrong, he is, but I have another perfect foal. Apocalipse, turning 6 this year.


I know, I know, most of the equestrian world is shaking their heads at me, but he is MY foal. And I am never letting him grow up.

He is gorgeous though. I keep looking at these new pictures and comparing him to the foal we welcomed one freezing morning in late July, six years ago.


Tiny, he was. Frail and tiny and with an ego that was hardly containable within his small frame.

Poca 5

He was the long awaited, always wanted, very special foal, born to our wonderful, irreplaceable Amalia and our very own Stallion, sweet and gentle Saleem.


He was ever always charming. And when his mother died, he held his head high and never missed a beat. But look at this. Mere hours old and he had that special something that just made you look at him and smile, no matter how much he looked like a deer and not exactly like a foal.


He still has it. 


He turned out to be the perfect mixture of his mom and his dad, getting all the things from both of them, just as we hoped for.




I even look at him now, and think that maybe he is ready to start riding this year. His shoulder is evening out, growing stronger, isn’t it? His back doesn’t look all that frail anymore, does it?



Even if I am never letting him grow up, maybe I could compromise and accept that he is not the frail little thing I pulled out of his mother, after a panicky hour of labor, not breathing and no longer fighting for his life. Maybe I could accept that he is strong, he always was, otherwise he would not have opened his eyes that night.


I can’t believe it’s been six years already. Well, soon. Come July. It feels like yesterday. But he sure turned out just perfect. No small amount of thanks to his genes, and the tender love and care he always received from his mother, Poseidon and Apollon. Even Saleem, in his own way, always adored him. It shows.


He is a not nearly as good as playing nice as Ablaze. Apocalipse runs away, or even kicks at you, (making sure not to hit, but he does it anyway.) He has a very strong sense of entitlement.


I guess I can’t really blame him. We all enabled him.


Watched over him. Loved him.

My three red boys, and their foal, Saleem in the right corner.


I wish all of them could have seen him now. I bet they are hanging out by the rainbow bridge, marveling at how awesome he turned out, and laughing at Saleem when he has to deal with him and his ego alone. Reposting this video of Apocalipse and his dad;

Yep. He grew up just perfect. And he does know how to behave around humans…


No, wait, he didn’t grow up. Still my foal. Always my foal.



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