Officially My Unicorn

Okay, so my vet was by today. Remember this lump on Marble’s face?


Yes, she is officially a unicorn. It’s not teeth. Its a popped splinter, just like they can get on the legs, from trauma. So, she must have hit her head at come point, enough to provoke the bone to grow reinforcements.

I repeat, unicorn.


As ugly as it is, I am kind of relieved that it is only cosmetic. We don’t use nosebands, and only rarely halters, so I guess it is a very lucky place. Add to that, I have seen Marble kick popped splinters before. She had a huge one on one of her front legs when she was a kid. We even did x rays of it, to make sure it was not damaging her growth. It is completely gone by now. So my guess is that this will look ugly for a year or two, and then either it will go away, or we will have grown so used to it, we hardly see it anymore.


Until then, I have a unicorn. As a fantasy writer, how cool is that?

She used to be my dragon… She still is. So, a uniragon? I could work with that…

Oh, and she is my dragon, because she is completely volatile. Like this picture. (Best shot ever!) Aston and Apocalipse don’t even respond, she is so fast, none of them has quick enough reflexes.


I know, they look super cool, and not spooked at all. Trust me, two seconds later, why were dodging out of the way, for their lives… But truth is, if she had wanted to get them, she would have. She is fast as lightning and you never see her coming… (Okay, maybe I did, with my camera… I am a bad person… I should have warned them…)

Dracorn? Sounds better? Yeah, I think I’ll go with Dracorn….


Before I sound like a hopeless horse owner that isn’t bothered at all, by my horse growing a horn on her nose, I have to say… I’m not. Marble and I have been through much, much worse. This is something we laugh about and shrug off. There really is nothing else to do.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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