Random Weirdness

First of all; thank you, all of you, who supported my Starstone Weekend! You guys rock!

Second, my books are on Goodreads. I did not even know of that page, I am ashamed to admit, but one of my friends alerted me to it, so I asked to be verified as the author. Have patience with me, I’ll figure that page out in time…


Third, I’ve been at an X Wing tournament all day yesterday, and the horses has been pretty sick and miserable since they  got their vaccinations, so I haven’t had much to write about. Or well, I could write about the tournament, but I am not going to. Let’s just say that it started out with an hours delay, and while we waited, my spacers started to scatter and hide…


I know, lousy tabletop humor. Apologies.

Escaping the tournament just before sunset, my phone was on power save mode, running low on battery, since I may have spent every break I had all day Tweeting with some of my SPN friends… Note to self, bring a charger next time….

Still, I managed to force a few late night pictures out of the battery…


She ain’t a cyborg. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Oh… Okay so maybe there is something dodgy about them after all…

Okay, enough with #TeamBadJokes, I promise. Truth is, Apocalipse and Tardis has been real sick from the vaccinations. I was not surprised about Apocalipse, it always gets to him, and to some extend, Saleem, but Tardis is usually pretty darn tough. This time it completely knocked her out. It’s been five days and she is still touchy about having her skin touched. Apocalipse is still not eating properly. I swear I hate doing this to them every year.

My two little ones have been the ones to handle it the best. My unicorn and I are even becoming pretty good friends, as long as no one is looking. She has no idea what a camera is.


Tardis is ridiculously aware of the camera at all times. Apocalipse just wants to kill that phone of mine… When ever he acts up and runs away from getting groomed, for instance, all I have to do is pick up the phone and start scrolling on twitter. He instantly joins up. I know, horsemanship for cheaters.

Me; “You come back here, I am not chasing you to be allowed to groom you!”

Apocalipse; “Well, yes you are. Make me come back. I have patience. You don’t. I can stand here forever. I’ll just pretend to go to sleep, while ignoring you…. Wait, is that your phone? Are you not focusing on me? Human! I demand your attention!”

Me; “Hello there, I knew you’d come back… Care for some grooming?”

Apocalipse; “Darn…”


To be fair, I haven’t groomed him while he has been sick. I don’t know how to explain it, but I can feel fever on their skin. Not because they get hot to touch, but because they get… off… Their skin is so sensitive, and there is something wrong with the way it responds to touch when they are sick.

And I have had Poseidon, whom I couldn’t always use a thermometer on, for 15 years, and Apollon who got so many fever attacks in his 13 years, I am hardly ever in doubt, from the first touch. It is one of the worst feelings, patting your horse randomly on the neck and it’s just… sick under your hand. I get Vietnam flashbacks to all my nights in a sleeping bag with Apollon, every time my horse feels like that…

I know, I bitch about the vaccinations every year. Honestly, I bitch about them to my vets too, and they promise that they take my complaints to the producers of the vaccinations… Who in turn, states that it is perfectly normal and that this is the reason why horses can’t compete 10 days after getting their yearly vaccinations.

10 days. But you can ride them again the day after, if they show no symptoms. Right. Never, fucking, ever. I wish I dared not vaccinate them, but as much as I hate this once a year, I am too terrified of losing them to tetanus and influenza, even if the continued vaccinations are debatable when it comes to their health…

Okay, rant over. I’ll be good.


Like my unicorn. We’ll help make the world weird again. That’s a slogan we can get behind.

WP_20160418_030d                              WP_20160418_016

I know, you don’t see us like this, much. She really is good, most days. As long as it is just the two of us. She hardly ever threatens to remove that ugly face of mine with her teeth anymore…


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