Daffodils, Sunshine, Ponies And Joy

I’ve been debating with myself about whether or not to write this post, because I did create another blog so I would not spam this blog with my ponies;


But, I’m gonna make an exception and post a few ponies here anyway. Yes, I collect My Little Pony. Passionately. And today, I just got my hands on a Sweet Pop, which completes my collection of Twinkle Eye ponies.


I’ve spent the last two years of my life, scrolling through Ebay, and any other pony page, trying to find a version of her in good shape, without it costing a fortune in postage. Denmark is crazy when it comes to import rules, which limits my pony sniping a lot. But I feel like I’ve been looking for Sweet Pops until my face turned blue. And in the end, I settled for this one. She is not perfect. She has a cancer spot on her neck, I know. I’m not saying that I am above replacing her one day, but as she is, she completes, not only my Twinkle Eyes from year four, but she was the LAST of ALL of the Twinkle Eyes I was missing.

Yes, most pony collectors get stuck on Mimic, because she is insanely expensive;


Or Bright Eyes, because she is almost as impossible to find as Mimic;


But I’ve actually had those two for a very long time. And yes, I am kinda looking to replace my Bright Eyes as well, due to that cancer spot on her face. That is the thing about collecting 30 year old toys. Some of them last, some of them… don’t. Its a lot of money and time you spend on them, and they could deteriorate on you at any moment. (The plastic fails.) I guess that makes it extra special, having a complete set of 15 Twinkle Eye ponies, even if a few of them could do with an upgrade.

Here they are then, Hasbro’s generation one, Twinkle Eye ponies;


I know. Letting my Mimic outside… The horror… I promise, it was almost physically painful to me, and not something I’ll repeat. But she had to be in the picture, and those daffodils are so wonderful right now…


To be a little (more) geeky, I will have to show them in their respective series as well. Year four, 1985- 1986;

IMG_1999Left to right; Sky Rocket, Ginger Bread, Sweet Stuff, Sweet Pop, Masquerade, Whizzer, Galaxy, Speedy, and Fizzy. 

Party Time, from the Party Gift Pack;

IMG_1986 img_7635

Year five, 1986- 1987;

IMG_1981Left to right; Quackers, Tic Tac Toe, Locket, Mimic, and Bright Eyes. 

This is going to make me smile for a long time, even if I am not entirely satisfied with all of them. I still love them, and yes, I may want to find the impossible pony one day; a none-regrind Party Time. Or, I may want to find a Locket that doesn’t have a fractured eye… But because I HAVE all of them now, I can sit back and wait… One day, the right pony will show up… One day… Until then, I can focus on completing other series in my collection. Not just looking for Sweet Pops…

Oh, and Mimic survived. She is safe and secured again. Just like the rest of the girls. I am hysterical when it comes to my ponies… The sunlight, the heat, the moist… It’s a religion, really. Or, at least an obsession.

A real expensive one. Almost as expensive as owning real horses, if you do not limit yourself. I have bought real horses cheaper than Mimic…

But look at them. How is that now making you smile? How is this not just pure joy?



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