How Is Anyone Okay With This?

I usually try to stay away from too controversial subjects, because I feel that I am already on too many hit-lists from my run-ins with the Equestrian Federations… I usually fail, though, when it comes to keeping my mouth shut.

So, I’ve been keeping an eye on the responses that has been showing up in my news feed on social media, about the new anti LGBT law in North Carolina. You know, the one that basically allows for people to be bullied and harassed, taking away fundamental human rights, especially from transgender people. If you haven’t heard of it, Google it. It’s ridiculous.

I should mention that I’m in Denmark, and that we are usually a lousy and bigoted people. We love picking on those who stand out, or who choose to be different, but especially those who can’t help being different, because they were born that way. So, I am by no means surprised by the law.

I am horrified, yes. Appalled. Saddened. But surprised? Nah…

One thing that really gets me about the debate though, is that people think women needs protection.

Well, aside from the plain and obvious violation of human rights and such… But I have to take offence, as a woman, to the notion that we can’t share a bathroom with men.

What the f***? I mean, really? THAT is your argument for passing this law? That women needs protection in public bathrooms?

Ahm. Right. So. Speaking as an equestrian who has proven myself capable of doing anything a man can do, over and over again, despite being born as the “weaker” sex, I feel like kicking someone. I sure don’t need protection.

Let’s be realistic. The whole idea of separating bathrooms by gender is stupid. It just makes it easier to pee faster, when you are a man. Any of you ever been to a night club?

The men’s bathroom is always available, where as the women’s has a ten minutes line, before you ever get near a toilet. I guess that is because women has to check their make up and talk to their girl friends without the music being too loud, and technically, the whole urinal thing in the men’s bathroom does speed things up… Yes, I know that. Because I have always been using the men’s bathroom whenever there was a line by the women’s.

I’m kinda impatient like that. NEVER in my life, have I been told not to. I guess none of the men I’ve met, felt that they needed protection from me… So why do women need protecting?

This is not just a violation of equality for LGBT people. It is a violation of women’s equality as well. The second we accept that we need protection, and can’t share something as basic as a public restroom with a man, is the second we accept to be less than said man. Less equal. Less strong. Less able to defend ourselves.

NO ONE should be okay with this. Obviously not the LGBT community, but straight men and women should be horribly offended by this as well. Women, because we just became weak little fairy tale princesses, and men because it is now assumed that most men are predators and will only enter a woman’s bathroom to rape and molest.

I’m not sure why no one is talking about this. Do we just accept it that easily, that men has wicked intentions and that women needs protection?

This really isn’t “just” a matter of gay rights and it should not be treated as such. Something like this affect us all, no matter what gender we were born with, or what gender we identify as.


Even Mewtwo learned… Why can’t we?


History is going to look back on us and weep…


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