Aprils Snow

I feel like the nerd side of me is winning lately. Two weekends in a row now, I have spent playing X Wing tournaments, and I am not even that big a fan of Star Wars. I just like playing the game, and to some extend, I find that I actually like the other gamers. Yeah, people I may not hate. Imagine that.


That’s Bob Bobsen, the Decimator decimator, by the way, against my Carnor Jax. Bob here, used to be unnamed, until he single handedly took down my decimator. I won’t lie, when I got the change to get a rematch against him, I went for him, at all costs. Bloody little… Anyway… I’m not vindictive.  Much.

Next weekend, its International TableTop day… What is a girl to do?

Even the horses are judging me.


Add to that, I am clearly developing a bit of a Twitter addiction. I may need an intervention at some point. I am having way too much fun with being on Twitter every waking moment, playing with two of my friends and our schizophrenic alter egos. It is kinda amazing how the internet can bring people together across lands and borders.


Aside from that, its open season for My Little Pony hunting again. Which means that the yard sales are starting. I know what I should be doing every weekend from now on, rather than playing tabletop games… I mean, I found a Minty today. For less than a £1. How awesome is that?


Aside from the spot on her shoulder, she cleaned up perfectly. I can hardly stop jumping for joy. And Jazzie, the yellow with the rollerskates, I actually did not own already, so she is a “very good condition” addition to my collection, in a much more affordable way than Ebay hunting.

Ah, yes, the nerd is winning these days… Its so good that I do have Tardis, to take me back to the real world once in a while, and make me focus on what is right in front of me.


It is a funny weather though. Danish spring, I guess. One moment you are riding your pony, and the sun is shining and is is actually a little too hot, wearing your winter jacket, and the next…


Snow. Its not Photoshop, I swear.

Truth is, there is always one day, in April, with snow, every year. And every time it happens, I feel like there is one girl more on my pasture again, for a brief moment. You can almost see her, right there, in the middle, next to her son…


The winter snow is falling, on a freezing Aprils day

The life that has been stolen, slowly fades away


The wind that has been blowing across the frozen grounds

Howls within the emptiness of a life that ceased to be


The flame burned to brightly, the passion so strong

The spark of life so radiant, now it is just this song


The echo of your heartbeat still follow me around

Your gentle spirit linger where nothing can be found


The flame burned to brightly, the passion so strong

The spark of life so radiant, now it is just this song


The winter snow is falling where spring should have arrived

The cold seems to have settled within this heart of mine

Incidentally, This Song is free to download the 25 & 26th of April. 



Keep the time difference in mind, but yes, the title sequence for my poetry collection was written for one of the most important girls in my life.


Before you think that this post is a bit scattered, I have to say, you are totally right. I am a little all over the place at the moment. I guess that is what spending too much time on the internet, communicating in 113 letter sentences, will do to you. I always felt that there were a lot of voices in my head, (in a completely sane way, of course,) as the characters from my books tend to follow me around at all times, but this may be the most schizophrenic I’ve ever felt. And its a whole lot of fun… However, not very productive when it comes to my writing. I’ll have to cut back on Twitter. At some point. But it makes me smile. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

Well, so do the kiddos. I know. How could they not?



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