He Chose Me

I was lucky enough to have a photographer with me yesterday and even if the old Canon Eos Rebel isn’t exactly in good shape anymore, I still have to show a few pictures.

May the first was sunny, for the first time in my entire life. I know that because I have spent countless May the first’s soaked in rain, at union rallies for Labor Day. Anyway, I went riding on my horses yesterday instead. I haven’t ridden Saleem since he got his vaccinations 14 days ago. He always gets sick from that and as such, I have not been in a hurry to start him up again.

Clearly, he wanted to work though. I am utterly impressed by him in every possible way and here is why: My gang has a tendency to chase strangers who ride by on the road.


It’s like the funniest thing ever. I’m pretty sure all the neighbors hate us… When these girls rode by the first time, all five of my horses chased them and was very disappointed when the fence prevented them from further hunting.


They played a little afterwards for good measure.


I snatched up Saleem and we went riding at the back of my pasture.


Ablaze joined us. He always does. I hadn’t sat on Saleem for more than a few moments though, before the strangers came back on the road at the far end of the pasture, and Ablaze instantly ran off to help the others hunt.


I slid off Saleem, thinking that he wanted to join in all the fun. I wasn’t busy, if he wanted to go play, while exciting stuff was happening, I was not going to stand in his way.

To my big surprise, Saleem did not flinch.


I mean he looked, but he did not even consider going off with the others. He just stood right by my side, watching. Waiting. And when the others came back, bucking and jumping like a bunch of morons, he just turned and asked me if we were going to do stuff or not. I still can’t believe it. He actually chose me!

When he could have run off and played with these guys.




Saleem’s son Apocalipse, by the way, my pride and joy;


Tardis and Ablaze, mother and son;


And when Ablaze ran up to us, trying to make Saleem play with us, Saleem told him to bugger off. Saleem was at work. Away with ya, foal! (Notice his teeth.)


If that is not a vote of confidence, I don’t know what is. I have been waiting since 2008 for Saleem to choose me.



He is so positive to work with these days. I knew we were heading in the right direction at long last, but I had no expectations of him actually wanting to work with me like this.


Ride around the foal 😉


He looks so happy.


And not only have we found “canter” but we are finding a two beat trot as well. We did have a tendency to be off beat, as he was placing too much weight on his front legs, not carrying himself correctly, but we are balancing that out as well.


I am jumping for joy at these pictures.



Looking at these pictures, I am starting to look like the rider I used to be, before the equestrian world got to me. Only 20 kg heavier… I’ll lose that again somehow… I hate it… Side note…


But this is who I used to be. The rider who trusted her horse and who had her horse want to work for her. I don’t know when I lost that, but I am so glad that I am finding it again.


Saleem is amazing. No other words for it. I sure have made a lot of mistakes with him, but he seem be have forgiven me, at long last. Nothing else matters. But the no longer off beat trot sure is a huge bonus…


He stayed with me. I still can’t believe it. He chose… me…


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