Revenge Of The 5th

Alright, I’m gonna post our silly May the 4th be with you outtake, just ’cause sometimes you gotta laugh about somethin’. Okay I’m done with the annoyin’ twitter language now. #Promise

I believe this was spawned by me, seeing that Hasbro was telling twitter to bring their light saber to work on May the 4th… Yes, I stalk Hasbro. And I accidentally laughed about it to the Dark Mare team… I should have known I’d come to face a bloody light saber for that…

I actually love this shot. When fantasy meets science fiction.

Saber Still - 01d

As much as it is not Heartbreak East, (the series we are working on,) it is kinda what I am writing on in my new book series. (No light sabers, that’s a trademark, but you get the idea…) Science Fantasy is a path I am finding that I love walking, much more than sticking with my usual classic fantasy.

*Also, quick side note, playing a left handed character when you are right handed… Takes some practice. And one hand swords, what’s up with that? I never know where to put my other hand…

I am kinda amazed by how special effects knocked off a light saber just like that…


Oh my, I need to quit this writin’ style… I swear, I ain’t writin’ like this in my books… In my defense, I’ve slept way too little lately.

Which is probably why I was totally brave this morning, after having been woken at 3 am to help with sound effects, and after catching up on the latest super awesome episode of Supernatural. (Points for the Rolling Stones references!) I guess I wasn’t thinking too straight. Kinda like Chuck… #TeamBadJokes

Okay, sorry. No. I went for a walk with Saleem in the wonderful sunlight.


Without the bridle. Way brave. I’ll learn to trust us one day. He is so amazing, I should be ashamed, actually, to not trust that we can ride out like this, but I guess that going for walks, getting me used to that, is the first step.

When we came back, the kids were kicking up a storm, of course, because I had stolen Saleem. Apocalipse calmed down quickly though, and asked to go out.

I never go out alone with Apocalipse. Every time I do, we run into a huge tractor or a truck and he freaks out and I nearly lose control of him. He has a certain disregard for me and for rules, when he is faced with heavy machinery and I prefer to have another horse with us, to help me handle him. It feels like karma. I mean, it NEVER fails.

Today was no different. I was being brave, and stupid perhaps, so I put a bridle on him and off we went. Setting hoof on the road, a huge truck came at us, driving way too fast. I mean, come on…! Give me a break here. Saleem and I didn’t meet a single car!

Apocalipse was remarkably calm today though.


Almost making me regret the bridle. Perhaps we can start to go out alone by now. He did call for the others, especially when he heard Ablaze, but he never tested the bit. That’s new. That’s huge. That’s putting me to shame for not trusting him, once again.


So yeah. Sometimes bring tired and foolhardy isn’t the worst that could happen.


I won’t say “May the fourth be with you.” I’m more of a “revenge of the fifth” kinda person… So… Why is that not trending on Twitter, BTW? Are you all rebels???

Okay, I’ll go away now. And Stop listening to that song Chuck sings in the new episode of SPN on repeat. The cat is beginning to judge me…


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