Mothers Day

I recently signed up for GISHWHES, because I was thinking that I needed to do something that might make me laugh for a change. Also, I am totally working on improving my people skills and what better way to do that than to team up with strangers online?

Anyway, GISHWHES set up the challenge of surprising your mother/nurturer on mothers day, with breakfast in bed. More to the point, with sling shot or catapult served food. Or, for those of us who did not want to do that, a noodle based portrait of said mother figure.

I love my mom, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t do humans well, and to be honest, my true family was ever always my horses. The way they love you unconditionally, once you have earned a spot among them, and the way you can always count on them no matter what, is what makes them where I belong.

I believe that is even a Supernatural thing. Family don’t end with blood.

So, for me, there could only be one portrait to make. My wonderful Amalia.

IMG_6408 IMG_4898

Okay so noodle art is not my ninja skill. But she was my rock for 14 years. I have no idea how I would have made it through till today, without her. She was the one we all leaned on. If anyone was the mother in my family, it was her.

So, here we have her son and his sister, and his father, presenting the portrait.


Again, I knew I could count on those two. Show up late in the evening with a piece of noodle covered paper and say “please hold that for me,” and they do, like regular little angels.


Once Ablaze showed up, things got a bit more interesting. He is still very pushy. I guess he learned from the best. Note, by the way, how Tardis is nowhere to be found in these pictures.


I guess that is a den mother thing. Amalia would not have taken part in this either. She would have scuffed at the silliness and ignored us, just like Tardis is doing. The three little ones, though, turned out to have quite an interest in noodles and glue.


Once Ablaze and Marble got a hold of it, my beautiful piece of art *cough* did not last long.


I did not let them eat it. Much. No worries. They are fine.

I will have to add a tribute to our new den mother, Tardis, born on April first, just like Amalia, only 15 years later. Happy mothers day Tardis. You rock. We’d all be lost without you.


Just like we were when Amalia died, until you came along.


I will admit, I have a couple of friends who do reenactment. I did ask them if they happened to be anywhere near a catapult this weekend… They will never look at me the same again… Oh well…


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