Time for a little update on my foals, I believe.

Okay, I know, not exactly foals anymore… But they are never growing up if you ask me. And we have been working on our teamwork skills lately.


Mostly, that is spawned by my laziness. Imagine being able to run with two of them at the same time, instead of having to run with them one at the time. Half as much running for me, right?


Now, Apocalipse is a superstar, as usual, while Ablaze does have a tendency to get over eager and pushy.



I have to say though, there is something very special about having two horses who really wants to work with you like this.




And its not that Ablaze doesn’t know to stay behind my shoulder, its really that he doesn’t exactly want to, and he knows I am busy with Apocalipse, making it hard to tell him where to be at all times.


Apocalipse is just so perfect, it is very important to me that he is told that. I usually just ignores the little one when he gets impatient. Here we are, without big brother.


And Apocalipse without the baby.


I love this series of us. I’m stopping them, because Ablaze is on the inside, and over taking me, making it impossible for me to turn them.



Apocalipse responds instantly, where as Ablaze shoots straight past me.


He does realize his mistake though, and comes back.


In all fairness, Apocalipse is 6 this year, Ablaze is only 3. They are doing amazing, both of them. And the positive attitude they have is worth more than anything to me.

If you wonder about the dirt on Ablaze, it’s because it is HOT these days and shower and roll is the new black around here.



Preferably one must roll on the same spot.


Teamwork. It’s what we do. Somewhat…


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