Farewell Little Scooter

Okay, so my scooter was stolen last night, from a private driveway. Locked and nearly bolted down, and still, some bastard has managed to run off with her.

So, if any of you Danish readers of mine see her, here is a bit of info about her;


Black VGA Explora, licence plate number AY5380. Stolen between midnight and 8 am on May 11th. 


She has a hole in the box right above the kickstarter on the left side, which was covered by a piece of yellow duct tape, awaiting the shop to get a new box home for her. (Its an air filter box.)

She was a good little scooter, she served me well and managed to run almost without incident for an entire year, while doing as many kilometers in one year as the shop expected her to do in two. I am actually very sorry to see her go.

I have been taking care of her, and her of me, for a long time and this feels almost like losing a part of the family. I can’t just buy a new scooter and replace her. She was a star. And she sure deserved better than this.

*Side note, I totally can’t buy a new scooter, because our wonderful insurance does not cover scooters. Surprise! And, my helmet, among other things, were stolen as well, as they were locked inside her. There is no way I am ever going to be able to afford buying all of that again, so yeah. I’m gonna have to buy a bike, and go back to wearing down my joints and wake up screaming in pain every night. So haven’t missed that. But at least, I’ll probably lose some weight again.. upside, right? *sigh*

I went looking for her this evening. Chances are, someone took her for playing with and will abandon her in a forest somewhere, so I figured that with a little luck, I might come across her before she was totally ruined.


I very quickly found one of her mirrors. I am actually heartbroken about that. Imagine what they are doing to her.

I know that I am personalizing it. I tend to do that. But even if I know it was just a machine, I have to say, having spent a lot of time and money and effort on taking care of something for a whole year, it is killing me to think of someone driving it to pieces.

This was MY scooter. My freedom. My transportation. My wings.

Without it, I have no idea how I am going to get to my stable, or do my shopping (for food,) or anything… I am so stuck and so lost without it, and someone is probably driving it into a lake and leaving it there to rust.

Okay, I am (almost) done bitching now. I just hope we find her. Fingers crossed.

That said, you come across the strangest things in the Danish forests…


I should probably be scared…


And for my little Explora; Thanks for everything. I’ll miss you. Horribly.

Oh, and for the bastard who took her; The shop said her tires were worn down and illegal, when I had her checked yesterday. She had a new appointment next week to have them changed. I hope you have an accident. No offence.


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