SPN – All In The Family S11 E21

I realize how unfair this is. So let me start by saying, I LOVE Supernatural. There has been a gazillion wonderful episodes in this season, and for me to pick up on the one that is off key is not nice. I just need to get this out, because everyone I’ve talked too so far, sort of feels the same way.

First of all, the last episode was fantastic. I did snicker a bit about how Sam and Dean became funny sidekicks in their own story for an episode, but it was totally fair. After all, they were introducing God. That had to take some screen time.

This episode though… It was confusing, jumping from one location to another, without warning, contradicting itself and the rest of the story line, jumping to conclusions, and most of all, what really got to me, it had some serious character assassinations.

I’ll start on a positive note. That should not take long… They set Kevin free, at long last. That was awesome. And I liked Sam’s little comment about how ears are weird… And Lucifer was awesome. Best character in that episode…

So, where to begin. Oh, yeah.

The one that really killed this episode for me. Sam.

It is no secret that I totally ship Destiel, but that said, I watch SPN for Sam and Dean. For their relationship. As much as I have hated seeing Dean commit suicide – twice lately- because he thought Sam was dead, I like that much more than seeing Sam sacrifice his brother without hesitation. And he did, in this episode.

First, Dean tells him that Amara is in his head, talking to him. Sam doesn’t flinch or seem worried at all. Then, when they need a distraction for Amara, while they rescue Lucifer, they use Dean as bait and Sam…. has no objections? Not a single one? Nothing?

I mean, after all, he is risking his brothers life here, knowing full well that Dean, of ALL people, can’t handle Amara. And for what? To rescue the devil who held his soul in the cage and tortured it so bad, he spent most of season 7 in a mental hospital? Really, Sam? Not a teeny tiny objection? At all?

And then, when Dean tells him that Amara wants him to become one with her, Sam doesn’t flinch again. He just looks thoughtful.

Okay then. The only thing I can take away from that, is that Sam has listened to Lucifer when he told him that he had to sacrifice people he loved, for the greater good, and Sam is now ready to sacrifice Dean? Or at least, contemplating it?

I will admit, if they had not had pick up for season 12, if this had been the end of the show, I could have kind of gone with that ending. Dean, sacrificing himself, becoming the new sort of God, along with Amara, while Sam is allowed to leave the family business and live an ordinary life, like he always wanted. Like Dean always wanted for him. That would be Dean’s happy ending. And Sam’s, to some extend. I’m actually okay with that.

So, if that is what they are doing, then I’ll accept Sam in this episode. If not, then someone really messed up his character, big time.

Skipping to God. Chuck. It’s not a surprise that he was planning on sacrificing himself, after the last episode. We all saw how Metatron was upset, while reading the last pages of his autobiography. What I can’t stand is that he is not planning on fighting? He is just going to hand himself to Amara, and let her do what she wants, as long as she leaves the universe alone? That’s… just… sad… and not in a good way.

Also, that comment about her warding herself against him, so he could not find her? I kept waiting for someone to call him on that, to let us know that he was lying because he did not want to face her yet. I mean, if that is not a lie, then someone missed the whole point of season 11. Amara has done NOTHING except search for God since day one. She is so not warding herself against him?!

Speaking of Amara. I always liked her. (Half of the fandom is now aiming their guns at me.) Anyway, I thought she was really cool. The way Lucifer could not touch her, even with the Hand of God, the way all the angels had no effect on her… She is the darkness. She is nothing. You can’t fight that. You can’t beat that.

In this episode though, she becomes a little girl. She actually talks to Dean about how it affects her body, being near him. I mean, who can blame her, it is Dean, after all, but still… That makes her so human. And she misses him. She even said that twice. I could feel my head imploding the second time. Repeating it? Really? What is she, a high school teenage girl with a crush? She is the fricking darkness, God’s sister, and she MISSES a human?

Even the angels did not know how to miss someone, until they fell…

Also, I know that a lot of the fandom has felt that Dean and Amara has been far to non con on Dean’s part since the beginning. Clearly I have a pretty high tolerance for that, because it has not bothered me before. Yeah, she kissed him, so what? Who wouldn’t…? But in this episode, it actually got to me, how he did not want her to touch him. That’s… Not cool anymore. If it ever was. Meh.

I’m sure I did not catch why God wasn’t helping them rescue Lucifer, by the way. He was too busy “singing in the shower?” Really? And then, in the end, when they were just about to get killed, he waved his magic wand and saved them after all? If that is not convenient script writing, then I don’t know what is. They sure need to get rid of God for good, if season 12 is going to go anywhere. You can’t have a force like that around, who can just zap them out of harms way whenever.

I have to mention the scene where Dean confronts God. I take it that that was the scene where Dean was supposed to be angry, but they changed it and let him cry instead.

It really did not work for me. I mean, I think it’s a good idea to not let Dean be angry. He has been very sad this season, and for him to mostly be disappointed and sad instead, did feel right. Only, I kind of needed some rewriting of Chucks part. His lines were way too angry, and because Dean was crying, instead of yelling, he had nothing to “play against.” I’m not blaming the actors here, but Chuck’s part was so weird in that scene. Telling Dean to not confuse him with his father, for instance, felt like a line that should have been yelled at Dean in a scary, Godlike, smity kind of way. Not in a, “sorry you had a horrible childhood,” kind of way.

Lemme see, what else… Oh, yeah, the prophet. Donatello. So, why do they need a prophet, when they have God himself? And I am all for TMNT jokes, but if Dean grew up in the 1980ties, he watched the same TMNT as I did, which means that he KNEW that Donatello was an artist. The old turtles made sure to educate kids… Don’t make Dean more stupid than he has to be, it gets tiresome…

Anyway, Donatello. A lot of those I’ve spoken to, is thinking that he is a prophet of the Darkness, not of God. Which would have been totally cool, but then we have Metatron telling him that he wrote his name on the inside of all the angels eyelids… Which kind of kills that idea, doesn’t it? What am I missing here? I completely fail to see the point to this character. The entire episode could have worked just fine without him. Let’s hope he will be important in the future…

Metatron. Are we forgetting that he killed Dean? I mean, they all seemed like a big happy family today. Even Sam seemed to have forgiven him for killing his brother? Seriously, have they replaced Sam with one of those shifters?

That said, I like it that Metatron got to go out on “our” side. Even if his death was utterly pointless. It’s not like it stopped Amara. Or delayed her much.

And I have no idea why Dean has his number on his phone? “Scribe calling.” Why would you have the name of someone who killed you, on your phone? And when did that happen?

I mean, it was funny when Crowley first started calling them and his number just read 666. Dean did not have his number then. But Metatron is human now. How did he get Dean’s number… I know, details, its just, on top of all the other things in this episode, details grow huge in my mind.

And the ending… What happened with Dean and Lucifer? Not to mention, I was never quite sure what happened with Dean and Amara. Did he really meet her? Or was that just in his head? Or what..?

Back to, Dean and Luci. We never got to see them face each other? Sam just took Luci home and left him with Chuck, while him and Dean saw Donatello off? Really?

Deans main focus, for the last I don’t know how many months, has been finding Cas, and now he is kind of home and Dean is not throwing a tantrum, asking God to kick Luci out of his vessel? Or at least, trying to reach Cas again? Nothing? Just, so long Donatello. Nice meeting you. Smile and wave.

And Dean is the firewall now, the chosen one? As a fantasy writer, I am kind of allergic to that phrase. Chosen one. Come on. Please don’t call him that. Ever. Anything else.

I don’t know. Like I said to begin with, this episode was really confusing. I would not want to be the writer to has to pick up after that… I would not know where to begin to do damage control… I really, really hope they have a plan.

After last weeks episode, “Don’t call me Shurley,” I was really grinning like a dumbass for a long time. It was so brilliantly executed. After this weeks episode, I’m mostly sitting back wondering where the next two episodes are going to go and if season 12 is going to be Sam and Cas, rescuing Dean from the Darkness somehow…

I could see the fun in that… But I’m not really excited for it anymore. Mostly just trying not to get my hopes up, while waiting for the season finale.

If I don’t have high expectations, I guess I can’t be too disappointed.

Usually series doesn’t get to me like this. It speaks to how much I love this show, that I would even let an episode like this bother me. And make no mistake. I ADORE this show. I am in awe of its writers, (most of the time,) actors, crew, you name it.

Oh, I should mention, the special effects in this episode was really good… Look at me, being all positive… And please, let us have a scene in the next episode, where they have to get the Impala out of that room…

Okay, I lied. I still have faith in this show. And I am still expecting to be torn to pieces and left heartbroken in the season finale.

Why am I watching it again? I must be a special kind of stupid…

So, all in all; keep up the good work. Apologies for my ranting. I’m done now. Love the show. All of it. Except when the darkness turns into a pathetic little girl. I cannot get past that. She better have a good reason for that too. Fingers crossed.

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