I’m going to have to share some pictures of my beautiful Ablaze… And Saleem.


Ablaze is trying to bully Saleem these days. Poor Saleem.


Saleem is so good with him. Ablaze is a little bastard. But a gorgeous one;


Saleem is not taking it lying down though. He maybe shy, but he stands his ground.


And if Ablaze keeps pushing, Saleem actually tells him off.


In his own, gentle, no contact way, but still.


Even if Ablaze is not really buying it, because Saleem is all bark and no bite, he still respects it.


That’s all I need to know. I would hate to see Saleem get bullied for real. He is without doubt one of the most gentle souls this world has ever seen. He deserves to be treated kindly. Especially by little bastards.

Anyway, remember how Ablaze used to sleep on things, when he was a foal?


Saleem 003

He sorta still has a thing for doing that.



My perfect little gang. For good measure, Apocalipse, Marble and Tardis;


I know, Tardis was very skinny when Ablaze was a foal. As you can see, we corrected that…. I know, she is fat. We are trying our very best. I swear.

Anyway, Ablaze turned three a few days ago. As you can see, he has hardly grown up at all. The halter still fits and everything…


My forever-foal ❤

And the others are not disagreeing. No matter how annoying he is, they are impossibly patient with him. Especially Saleem. Even if he isn’t always a fan. Here the little one is stealing the water from Saleem’s shower…


You gotta put up with a lot, when you have a forever-foal.



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