MLP – A Hearth’s Warming Tale

Okay, I am going to have to write a few words on the latest My Little Pony episode.

For all of you thinking, “its a silly show for little girls,” please know that you are dead wrong.

There is nothing more well produced, well directed, well animated, or well composed than My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, on the air at the moment. And I say this as a die hard SPN fan, among others. My Little Pony FiM is a whole level above anything else.

One of the things that keeps surprising me is that with every season, MLP seem to be upping their game. I keep thinking that they can’t keep making it better, but they always do.

I grew up with MLP. I was born in 1982, like the very first My Little Ponies. I was traumatized by the first Pony series, as a very young child. I say this with affection. Some of my earliest heroes was Applejack and Firefly, fighting the evils of the Midnight Castle. My Little Pony was never “a show for little girls.” At least, not if it is meant in a patronizing way. I usually agree when people throw that in my face, though. Because, okay, but keep in mind, what little girls really are.

Evil, manipulating, scheming, you name it. Any woman will know that growing up, all the way through kindergarten and school, there was nothing more vicious than little girls.

That was, basically the ponies I grew up with.

The Friendship is Magic series is a little different. Don’t get me wrong. It is still horrifyingly evil at times, but it has a strong message of love and tolerance as well. Add to that, they have a thousand tributes to other series, like Doctor Who for instance, which is bound to make any geek giggle at random. In this episode, Doctor Whooves was actually roaming the streets with Roseluck. I love that.

Professor Flintheart is not their first Harry Potter reference, but he was so brilliantly executed, I have to mention him;


Hasbro, please create him. I NEED this pony in my collection. Don’t force me to make him myself. Because I will.


Okay, so the episode. Basically the My Little Pony version of A Christmas Carol.

Now, if we thought that was an evil story before, welcome to the MLP version.

Snowfall Frost, played by Starlight Glimmer, doesn’t just decide to erase the Holiday, no, she decides to pull the day out of the calendar entirely. As the episode is a musical episode, she does so in a very beautiful super villain song. For every other show, ever; this is how you cancel Christmas.

I gotta say, this is better than most of what Disney is doing these days. No offence. It is so well produced in every possible way, all the while staying true to the MLP spirit. If it had not been for Luna’s song, this one would have been a new favorite of mine.

I swear, I have no idea, how they pull this off, with a new episode every week. But this is My Little Pony when it is at its very best. This is perfection;

I was cheering like crazy, when Luna showed up and got to sing like this. Nothing could possibly prepare you for how perfectly judgmental and at the same time indifferent, Luna is. Like, she could totally stop this, but she is not going to, because she would rather let it happen and make sure that you know that this is the future you created. You!


I swear, I recoiled on behalf of Starlight, when she pointed to her like that.

I was really happy that Applejack got the longest song, since I’ve been missing her in this season. Also, it is always amusing when she is all feminine. And Pinkie Pie is ever always awesome… Ever… Ever.. Ever…

I know I’ll be having Luna’s song play on repeat for a long time and this is totally my new lock screen, and avatar everywhere.


I am a huge fan of, among others, Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musicals. Luna’s song though, is an instant top one for me. The drama they manage to create in 1:30 minutes, is just unrivaled.

I know, oh my, I did not just say that!

I kinda did. I’ll stand by it anytime too. If this is a “show for little girls,” then all I can say, is that little girls are darn lucky, and I am never growing up. We have the best show in the world, and anyone who is judging us for being little girls, are missing it.

Because lets not mistake this. When people judge and dismiss MLP as a show for little girls, they are not really judging the show, they are judging little girls and finding them less worthy of attention, than for instance, Turtles, which is a totally cool show for little boys.

At least, that was how I grew up. I love Turtles, BTW, but they never had that stigma to their name, because it wasn’t a girls show. Which says a lot for equality in our society, really.

I was not a huge fan of Starlight, at first, but I gotta say, she has grown on me. Enough to make me wear her, and snicker to myself at this perfect inside joke, that no one gets, unless they have watched the show.


I mean, none of my friends are surprised by me, wearing a pony shirt, or a shirt that says “equality” on it. But most of them are missing the brilliance of that shirt… That is how it usually is with My Little Pony. It is perfectly sweet and innocent looking, for those who have no clue. Take a closer look and it is dark, deep, unexpected and scary. Everything a good story should be.

So, a HUGE thank you to the crew behind My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, for bringing my childhood heroes into the 21st century and making them even cooler, braver, and more tolerant than they ever was. I have no idea how you guys manage to pull of this level of perfection, week after week. I hope you know how much it is appreciated.

I’ve had a lousy week, I sure needed a heartwarming tale. This made me smile again. Your show always does, no matter what else life throws at me.



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2 Responses to MLP – A Hearth’s Warming Tale

  1. jen says:

    Still haven’t gotten around to Supernatural, but I can clearly see I’m going to have to put MLP on my “to watch” list as well! 🙂

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