See Ya All In Jail

I came across an article the other day, in a Danish newspaper, about how the Danish government are going to make it illegal to speak up against democracy and/or the government.

Yes, you read that right. Limit free speech, because you know, we can’t have Muslims openly speak up against us.

I am speechless. Pun intended. This is why I never follow the news. They always make me so angry. And sad.

I’ll see ya all in jail.

Imagine a situation where you can’t speak your mind about the new laws the government create, for instance? Imagine what a law like this entails? Who wants to be an opposing politician then? They could end up in jail, if they disagreed? Way to kill off democracy, and blame it on preventing Muslims from doing just that.

And ordinary people, like me, who has spent most of my life speaking my mind, opposing the government whenever they made things worse for the sick and the poor, imagine…

When I was a teenager, a legal teenager I may add, and we demonstrated against the government closing our education down? What, we would all go to jail for doing that now?

I don’t know how to live in a country where I can’t have free speech. As a writer, imagine what this does to my creativity? Its not like we haven’t seen writers sent to jail before, for writing fiction that may or may not be critical of society. Am I going to start walking on eggshells, even in my own little world?


I recently saw too, that one of our adult education schools has banned the burka. You know, the full face dress that some Muslim women wear.

And that most parties of our government are supporting them. That is just sad.

Their argument is that the burka is being used to suppress women. And of course, I oppose that, but banning it can never be the answer.

First of all, telling us what we can and can not wear, is not something we should do in the free world. Ever. If somebody wants to wear a burka, to feel good about themselves, they should be able to do so and still go to school. Just as much as someone should be allowed to go to school in a short skirt and high heels. Whatever. Who are we to dictate what others feel good in?

I’d never wear high heels. I actually went to that school for a while, back in the day. They nearly had me expelled for wearing jeans with holes in them. But again, girls in low cut shirts and high heels can totally undress as much as they want. How is that not suppressing women?

Second, let us not ignore the ones who truly wear the burka because they are being forced to, by their family. Banning the burka at the schools will not make them not wear it. It will only make them not go to school, not get an education and never break out of the family that does suppress them. Preventing those women, exactly those women, from joining society is the worst thing we could possibly do.

But by all means, let’s keep making rules and restraints, and hating on those who are not like us. Let’s make that wall between us, ever higher.


I believe My Little Pony once again says it perfectly. This is a very realistic picture of our society.

I think I have heard everything Applejack says about the bats, said about the refugees around here, most of it said by our politicians.  Note how Fluttershy, in defending them, ends up on the ground, losing her color in the shadow of the others, while they chant, eyes closed, wrapped up in their own righteousness.

Trust My Little Pony to create something as scary as this. Imagine if they were Danish. This is awfully anti government, isn’t it? Not sure you can say these things… Maybe someone should go to jail for this?

And the end note; attack? Really? That seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? Oh wait…

Yeah, we just bought new fighter jets… Or, well, bombers really. All in the name of democracy. And now, we can’t speak up against it anymore.

I repeat. See ya all in jail.


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11 Responses to See Ya All In Jail

  1. One of my reasons to say yes to run for government, is to try and change the system from within, but I most admit, it will probably put me to jail, so you have to come and visit, but in the light of what have been out lately, I am not so sure I will have my name in that insane kindergarten.
    sex between snipligs, one suggested that should be legal, as long as both agree. Not to mention kannibalisme, another suggest, you should be able to donate your body, for other humans to eat it.
    I am there where I have to deside if I should take the chance with government, or just immigrate to far, far away from here. Denmark have really gone mad, and our leaders insane.

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