Into The Dragons Lair – Or Outside….

I’ll be the first to admit that I have slept on the sidewalk before. Or at bus stops when I’ve missed the last bus, or you know… Random places at the stable; in Apollon’s stall when he was sick, on my hay loft or in a tent, waiting for my mare’s to give birth, stuff like that.

I have never voluntarily camped in front of a store before, waiting for it to open. Somehow, as a fantasy writer, it felt like the kind of thing I should have done. Especially when the local nerd shop was celebrating their birthday by nearly handing free games away to the first 20 people who showed up.

The boyfriend really wanted to go, although he was unsure how early we had to be there. I kind of had half a date with a friend of mine about doing some nerdy pictures of us in our “Embrace your Weird” clothes, just because when Felicia Day ran the campaign, we tweeted her and asked her to extend it a few days, so we could have our paychecks cleared and actually buy it. And she totally answered us and extended the campaign, so we wanted to spam her a little with random weird pictures, as a thank you… Oh, the joys of the internet… Where you are never weird, by the way… *insert angel emoji here*

So, once I learned that the boyfriend was planning on going, because there was a game he was dying to have – the first 20 people to show up got something for £2…. Like the Horus of Heresy game… You kiddin? We can wait in line all night for that… Anyway, once I learned that he wanted that, I texted my friend and asked how she felt about, you know, doing weird shots in front of Dragons Lair?

She instantly answered that she was totally up for going and then things escalated quickly.

We kind of joked about sleeping in front of the store for a while and in the end we talked ourselves out of it. I mean, come on, how many geeks could this city hold? And how early were they prepared to get up anyway?

Before evening though, we checked the face book page of the store and saw loads of people having fun telling each other that there would be blood and murder in front of that store and that they were totally camping there, and we thought naturally, that we had to join in then.

So, we packed our sleeping bags and went to spent the night out side of Dragons Lair. Blood and murder. Who would say no to that, anyway?


My friend had an evening shift at work so we settled for showing up after she got off. When we arrived a little before midnight, there was only one guy there, who had already been there for 6 hours. Needless to say, he was bored out of his mind and pretty relieved that he would not be spending the night on the streets of Odense, all alone. He even said so. Less chance of him getting murdered, now that we were there…


Sadly, that was not an entirely unfounded fear… Anyway, since we were going to be spending a lot of time with this guy, we settled for talking to him. He instantly said that he had been bored and that he had brought a book, but you know, who reads anyway…

“Hello, I’m Veronica, I’m a writer.”


I think he hated me on sight…. He spent most of the evening trying to lure the surprisingly tame crows closer, by feeding them. I am pretty sure he was contemplating having them pick my face when I slept…


No, he was cool. And once he went to sleep, we had fun doing some Embrace your Weird shots in the dark, using the powers of photo filters on the boyfriends phone to make them totally annoying… I mean magical…


And tweeting them to Felicia… Like stupid little fangirls. Which we totally are, BTW…


And then we went to sleep. Or, I think the boyfriend mostly stayed up, listening to one of his books on his phone, but we went to sleep.


I can easily disclose that sidewalks are not that comfy. And it rained. I swear it rained, even if the others claim it did not. It totally rained on me.

Being a Thursday night, there was a lot of drunk people in the streets. Most of them had a good time asking us why we were sitting on the sidewalk, in our sleeping bags. Most of them was awesome and friendly.

Some of them had a good time running past us at random, once we went to sleep, with their phones on loudspeaker, playing loud music, because heaven forbid we actually got to sleep.

And a few offered us cocaine and was pretty offended when we politely declined. I mean, come on, if we could afford a habit like that, you think we’d be sitting in front of a store at night, hoping to get an – almost- free game?


All in all, I don’t think any of us slept much. Although the boyfriend did manage to snap this of me… So I must have slept at some point, after sunrise.


Possibly once the seagulls and the drunk people all went away. But then the garbage truck showed up- at 5 am- and we kind of gave up on sleeping. And started doing dumb stuff. I don’t have snap chat, my phone doesn’t support that, but my friend’s phone does…


Kind of glad I don’t have snap chat. I am way too busy with face book and twitter and instagram these days. This would be way too time consuming.

I was glad to see that my scooter made it through the night. I parked her nearly on top of us, and every time someone walked by, I had an eye on her. I just had the old one stolen, this one is brad new, and parking her in the streets of Odense over night is not a comforting thought.


We did wake up to discover, bored as we were, that one of her screws had already come lose… Clearly she is embracing her weird as well. My kind of scooter ❤


No worries though. I had a screwdriver. Don’t ask me why.


We did spend some time too, discussing birds. Like this one. I’m actually not sure what kind of bird this is. And I can hear my entire family screaming at me right now, because they are kinda crazy about watching birds and I grew up being force fed all kinds of knowledge about birds and I should know….  I was ever always a disappointment. Imagine, I went for horses, rather than birds. I can tell you the breed of any horse, I swear, but a bird… Uhm…


It was cute though. Much less brave than the crows.

Around 6 am, the first of the others started showing up. Imagine the laziness… 6 am…


Unashamed, we used them to do group shots of us in our evil Embrace your Weird gang uniforms…


FYI, if anyone can look pretty after having spent the night on the sidewalk, keeping an eye on your scooter and declining drug dealers and pushy birds, I’ll have you know, they are not human… So, for the two others in this shot; what’s your fricking secret? 😛

Once the store managers showed up, (they don’t open till ten,) they had a lot of fun taking pictures of us, rather than letting us in…


Oh, the guys that owned the shop next to Dragons Lair was pretty tired of us blocking their doors for hours. Sorry?

Anyway, both the boyfriend and my friend and the guy we spent the night with, got the games they wanted, so that was super cool and totally worth spending the night in the streets for. I had not wanted anything special, I was kind of just there to show support. I know, that’s dedication, right? I’m loyal to my friends like that. I like to support any kind of nerdness I can.


And I settled for buying my very own X Wing starter set. I have played X Wing for a long time by now, but the boyfriend and I kinda own our ships together and he always oppose it when I threaten with painting them pink… Now, these ships, are MINE. Mine alone. They will be turned all girl – power – awesome. I believe I earned that.


So, all in all, this was a fun night. I even made it to the stable to feed the kids before it was too late. Or, at least, they did not complain. They never do. Bless them.


When push comes to shove, it was not really about getting the games though. It was mostly about doing something weird with your friends, and helping support the local store in their promotion campaign, not to mention, helping keep the nerd scene alive in Odense. I have to say, that went pretty well. The games was just an added bonus. Watching the boyfriend get something he could not have bought anytime soon, because with my scooter being stolen and all, we are dead broke, was worth it all for me. I wish I could give him the world. My friends too.

Sometimes you just have to settle for spending a night in a sleeping bag on a sidewalk, embracing your weird.


Playing with your smart phones. Because heaven forbid we actually talked to each other. Real life interacting? I think not!

Thanks, Dragons Lair. And happy birthday!


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2 Responses to Into The Dragons Lair – Or Outside….

  1. Noooooooo why i did not learn about that i would easily sleep outside

    • Starstone says:

      uhm… sorry? 🙂 Find Dragons Lair on Face Book, they are pretty good at updating… Dragons Lair Odense or Game Night in Dragons Lair… 🙂

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